193 Low Cost Marketing Tactics

Here are some low cost/no cost marketing ideas in an ebook from Sam Decker. Great for start-ups and guerilla marketers.  Hat tip to Brand Autopsy via the Branding Blog by Brand Identity Guru 

I think what I like the best is the way the content is delivered: it is embedded into a visable PDF that you can download, print or email. One of the biggest problems with PDFs is trying to show off what you’ve got by using a thumbnail or clever copy to get people to open them.

Has anyone else tried Scribd for posting content?

What branding mistake did Sam Decker make?  (See below for my suggestions.)

Sorry: the content has been changed to private. Updated 2/2010. This link works at his web site.

Sam Decker: where’s your contact information? You obviously feel strongly about the content of your ebook as evidenced by your copyright in the footer tag, but how can I contact you without a website, blog address, email, snail mail address or phone number?

Even a LinkedIn link would have been enough. Luckily you have good SEO and when I googled Sam Decker the first result was http://decker.typepad.com/! Good work on this ebook Sam!  May I suggest adding the link to your blog!  P.S.  I subscribed to your feed.

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