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As part of a movement toward entrepreneurship and innovation, I agreed to write a post at Branding & Marketing as part of the 24 hours of innovation sponsored by The Board of Innovation.

What innovation has had the biggest impact on your branding and marketing in 2009?

Now that I try to answer this question, this is harder than asking it! I’d have to say: speaking to groups with the LCD projector and wireless internet access in order to provide real time experiences with social media marketing.

During the second half of 2009, what do you expect to see as the next “big thing?”

I know we’ve been saying “mobile marketing” forever but I’m really starting to see it become more and more accepted and people using it.

How has social media networking (like Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn status posting) changed your business?

I’m less likely to rely on business cards. Although I still have my giant stash and haven’t pitched any of those notebooks yet, I find I mor often go to LinkedIn for someone’s email or my cell phone to text someone more often than digging thru my business cards and picking up the land line.

What new projects have you started or are about to start that will have a significant improvement in your marketing and branding programs?

Not sure how “new” PDF’s are as products, but I’m really trying to repurpose more of my content to provide ebooks and white papers for beginning entrepreneurs… specifically a new business owners who are interested in creating, marketing and launching a consumer product.

What marketing tool do you wish they would invent for improving your marketing results?

I wish they’d invent a way to do more things automatically so I didn’t have to. Having more things automated on the support side of the business helps to give more time for developing the creative strategy. I find that the creativity and inventing is the fun part. And I enjoy less the distribution or tracking/reporting functions. Don’t get me wrong, I love looking and analzying the reports, I just really enjoy having someone or something else compile them!

How would you answer these questions? Pick one and leave a comment for me!

Author: Chris Brown

Business owner operating a marketing consulting firm. Online Publisher. Keynote Speaker.