3 Tips for Turning Your Marketing Green and Save Money at the Same Time

Does marketing green hurt your business or help your business? I think it depends if you’re REALLY green or how green you are. Jumping on the bandwagon is not the right choice.  Bragging about “going green” is really not helpful to your efforts, especially if you later get accused of greenwashing.

Is green marketing worth it?  Yes.  And you can save money while doing it too.  See the tips below.

In honor of Earth Day 2009, here are three easy-to-implement tips:

1. Use PDF’s on your website instead of printing brochures and sell sheets that quickly go out of date. More green marketing tips here..

2. Use e-mail marketing to cut down or eliminate the need for paper newsletters, brochures or fliers.

3. Use Green Energy TV as your GREEN video distribution: instead of burning DVD’s and mailing them. Green Energy TV is an online TV channel dedicated to airing videos on all things green in our world. It’s an awesome resource out of Youngstown, Ohio. 

I love this video and this tip:

Use CFL Light Bulbs. Minor changes have a big impact. Save 15% on your power bill and 45% in your product cost (over time) and help the environment too. Watch this video to find out how.

Author: Chris Brown

Business owner operating a marketing consulting firm. Online Publisher. Keynote Speaker.

One thought on “3 Tips for Turning Your Marketing Green and Save Money at the Same Time”

  1. It is funny that a lot of companies are trying to jump on the “go green” band wagon. There are lots of talking and very little doing for the most part. You post caught my attention, because just published a blog post about going green yesterday. He also linked it to a funny SNL clip about junk mail.

    The real question is, what is everyone really doing to go green? Are only initiatives taken just to put on a show for the public or does everyone really care about the environment? For all we know, companies who claim to produce their products with recycled materials are the same ones who still leave all the office lights on at night.

    Will V

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