8 Ways I use Social Media as a Branding & Marketing Tool

Social media visual made at wordle.net posted on flickr.com for my branding and marketing blog.I found 8 ways that I use social media in my branding and marketing business:

  1. To find where one of my past business buddies went to work, double check a spelling of a name for a potential new client and see who else they may know that I know – LinkedIn
  2. To learn how to install Lame with Audacity (convert a file to an mp3 with editing software) – YouTube
  3. To fix my notes from a recent seminar (when I can’t read my handwriting) – Google Blog Search/blogs
  4. To get inspired about how to create a powerpoint that people want to watch – SlideShare.net
  5. To figure out where everyone is meeting for a drink after the seminar – Twitter.com or Plurk
  6. To check on my kids and their friends to see their current status – MySpace & FaceBook
  7. To double check someone’s birthday because I forgot to send a card – Facebook
  8. To save the links to my favorite blogs to read when I wake up – RSS feed reader
  9. To find out which of my blog posts are the most popular – Feedburner stats, WordPress Stats
  10. To instantly (under one minute) write and post a blog with a photo with keywords- Flickr.com
  11. To build relationships and learn from other branding & marketing experts – Brandingwire.com blog, Age of Conversation

Okay, so I added 11, not 8 — That’s because number 6 has nothing to do with branding & marketing — so I gave you two bonus ones.  (Note: I’ve written about personal branding in this blog before — and I believe that the photos you put up and comments you make on MySpace/Facebook, even joking, can (will) come back to you. So what my kids & their friends post on line does reflect on their personal branding… AND I know employers actually do check out social media pages and photos before they hire!)

How do you use social media? Leave a comment or write about it on your blog with a tag/trackback to this post.  I’m tagging: Steve Woodruff StickyFigure, Director Tom, Ben Jones at Ben Means Business.

Author: Chris Brown

Business owner operating a marketing consulting firm. Online Publisher. Keynote Speaker.

8 thoughts on “8 Ways I use Social Media as a Branding & Marketing Tool”

  1. Enjoyed the post – i keep up via Bloglines but first time commenter.
    I do think there’s more value to Facebook than just checking in on the status of kids – it’s got some positive business application as well. I’m amazed at how easily it is to connect with new and old friends.

  2. Randy:
    You’re so right, there is more to Facebook than that, but I find Facebook annoying because I have to keep adding mini applications to my account, so I’ve slowed down my use of it. I guess it’s a control issue for me!

    I spoke to a group of 15+ entrepreneurs in Akron the other night and that was one of the first things I suggested they do if they didn’t have a LinkedIn account. It’s a great way to get an introduction to someone you want to meet. Thanks for your comment.


  3. Really good post here! It comes down to being resourceful and that means knowing what is available to you. Once you understand what you have and how to use it, you are then able to really makes some significant strides with branding and marketing

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