Welcome Twitter Friend

Since Twitter seems to be the hottest social media right now, I wanted to create a Twitter about me page because I thought it might be helpful.  If you just want to read my blog click: Branding & Marketing. Feel free to subscribe through my RSS feed or Email feed if you find this blog helpful to you.

If you just followed me on Twitter, thanks for the follow. I don’t have mine set up to automatically follow but I will check out your Twitter page and profile. Chances are I will follow you if you appear to be:

  1. someone who blogs about marketing, or branding or social media
  2. someone who is interested in leadership (especially helping young women learn skills)
  3. someone who lives in the Akron Ohio area
  4. someone who writes, blogs, tweets about green business, sustainability of profits in a green world etc.
  5. A personal/business friend who decided to learn to tweet and is following me because they don’t “know” any other tweeters… or twitterers. What are we called anyway?

I’ve been blogging since Feb 2006, but only tweeting since May 2008. I learned about twitter May 2007, but was so overwhelmed with all the blogging stuff I was trying to learn, decided not to jump in until a year later.  I’ve learned most about Twitter from my ABC blogging group (Akron Bloggers Community) that meets once a month. (thanks everyone!)

Some of my favorite Twitter aps:

    Twitpic – posting a photo
    Tiny URL – to shorten the tweet link and personalize the link
    Tweet Deck – to help sort out some of the confusion and search topics
    Twirl – to do quick ones when I’m working on something else (I know, multitasking isn’t good for the brain!)

Some of my popular blog posts about Twitter are:

Leave me a comment and let me know what your favorite aps are, how you got started in Twitter or another social media application! Thanks!