Are You a Blaster? Social Media Marketing is NOT a Broadcast Medium

L for Loser a megaphone blast announcementReading Adrant‘s take on the recent tweet from PETA sent to Mommy Bloggers about baby elephants has some important points for all marketing professionals who want to use social media channels to market their product, service, brand or cause.

What PETA did wasn’t necessarily a horrific blunder but it did use an old model (broadcast) in a new medium (social). That was the big mistake here. Broadcast tactics, still an entirely viable strategy in the right media, don’t work well in social media.

It is important to know that social media is a conversation, not an advertising platform. Until Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and all the other social sites have been around a little longer, there will be lots of mistakes. Hopefully we marketers can all learn from them.

But will it happen? I still get email blasts about things I could care less about, recorded telephone messages from candidates I won’t support, and junk mail in my driveway mail box. It’s only after government intervention with do not call lists, anti fax spam laws and opt out rules will we be free from the shouting. Not that I’m eager for gov’t control (shudder!)

My point is, don’t look at social media and say, “Free! Wow, let’s blast this out!” and then think you have an effective marketing program.

Actually, I think that rule goes no matter what the media. Consumers and business buyers alike are sick of being shouted at with one way communication.

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Author: Chris Brown

Business owner operating a marketing consulting firm. Online Publisher. Keynote Speaker.

7 thoughts on “Are You a Blaster? Social Media Marketing is NOT a Broadcast Medium”

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  2. Yes, well said, another irritating stuff that some people do is having friends being added by the thens and hundreds daily in Facebook. No doubt Facebook is a good platform to publicize internet business, doing so excessively may backfire

  3. Some days I am finding it hard to have a “real” conversation on social media — I think because it is so fragmented. A comment here, a response there, but not a meaningful conversation.

    Anyone else feeling that way?

  4. I think the main usage of facebook or the reason behind developing facebook is changing everyday. I think it is like the dot com bubble. it is soon going to come to an end.
    @Chris: I agree conversation day by day are becoming artificial and fragmented. And adding to the disaster is the use of chat language.

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