Blog Marketing – What’s the Value of a Blog?

When I discuss blog marketing with business professionals, questions arise:

“How many clients have you got from blogging?” “Is it worth the time and effort?” “Are you even sure if anyone is reading it?”

To me, blogging is a whole different animal.  A blog extends the conversation. Here’s my responses to each question:

“How many clients have you got from blogging?” Most of my clients and potential clients are not the people reading this blog.  Most of my readers are already branding and marketing professionals who know as much as I do about the subject, and are reading to learn more, or different ideas on the subject.

“Is it worth the time and effort?”  It is to me.  I’ve met some fantastic people I otherwise would not know. I’ve gained ideas and insights from others, as well as been able to provide a forum for new ideas. It helps me to stay current.  It’s a way for people to get to know me as well. The value goes beyond networking, into idea expansion.  I can’t get the same effect from just reading websites… but reading and writing blogs really helps to unlock new territories.

“Are you even sure if anyone is reading it?” I know people are reading it because of the increases in subscriptions. Because of the google analytical stats.  The blog is one of the main feeders into my website. Probably the most important way I know that people are reading it are by the comments.  While this blog is not the most conversational of the blogs on the web, I have about a 2 comment average for the 600 plus posts I’ve written.

Yesterday I learned about a clever comment counter and installed it on the sidebar.  Hat tip to Mark Sierra at Me And My Drum for the link to the Liz Strauss Comment Counter created by Planet Ozh.

Perhaps you are looking for a holiday gift for a friend who is a blogger or wannabe blogger? May I suggest the AGE OF CONVERSATION 2:Why don’t they get it? as a great gift.  Not only is it written by 237 bloggers, the profits go to charity.

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  1. I agree that to interact on blogs and Twitter is a growing, learning and community building affair. What would you say to those leaders who say, “It wastes time and leaders should be more concentrated on their leading?” Thoughts/

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