Branding and Marketing Collaboration and Review Made Easier

Last Saturday I wrote about Review Basics, an online tool for reviewing marketing projects collaboratively. Anyone who has tried to manage a project and ever sent an email to several people at the same time saying something like: “Please review the attached documents and give me your changes or approval” knows what the confusion and frustration can develop in trying to keep all the suggestions and review process straight.

Yesterday someone anonymously suggested I check out three other online software review sites:

Thinkature is free and very similar, but all ajax, no flash.

Please Review has the word docs aspect but thats about it.

ConceptShare is sorta similar but more professional and for design, marketing and web arena. Better at the process and doesn’t feel like a kids application. Its what most firms probably use right now.

Here’s a quick overview of each:

Thinkature looks quick, intuitive and easy to use. Free account is nice, too.

Please Review is from a UK company and has a 30 day free trial. Pricing for one author and 5 reviewers is $55/month or $270/yr.

Concept Share is from a Canadian company and has a good deal: free for one reviewer & one author. Only $19/mo for 20 reviews and one author.

I think until you actually use the program with a “real” project, you can’t really tell which one will work the best. I invited additional comments and critiques.

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Author: Chris Brown

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