Brands: The cycle of Create, Manage, Evaluate

InterBrand’s chart of Brand Value Management claims to have no beginning or end…

Although I like the fact that they put the customer in the center of the chart, I want to look at these steps sequentially, but have trouble seeing where to jump in and then logically progress based on this chart. I guess I take issue with research being so far away from strategy.

Research, create, manage, evaluate. That might work.

Opportunity, strategy, design, implement. That might work.

Create, research, value, protect. I suppose some do that too.

When I first saw this chart, I thought “Wow! a primer by the folks who really study brands and branding.” But after reviewing it, the chart just seems somewhat random.

View the whole thing on page 28 of InterBrand’s PDF of the 2006 Ranking of Global Brands.

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Author: Chris Brown

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