Capturing Readers’ Attention Earns NNEP Award for Best Ad

Congratulations to NNEP and Sassafras Design Services!

The National Network of Embroidery Professionals (NNEP) President Jenni Cox asked graphic designer Sarah Sawaya of Sassafras Design Services to create an ad for NNEP for a national trade magazine for marketing their upcoming Embroidery Mart trade shows. NNEP just received word that the ad she designed WON as the best ad in the magazine when they had their annual national ad review process in June!!!

The ad captured the highest percentage of the readers’ attention and was rated as the best ad of the publication.

According to Ed Koehler, Associate Publisher:

Every June Stitches Magazine conducts an Ad Readership Study. The study is conducted by Readex which is the premier firm for magazine publishers. This year, the National Network of Embroidery Professionals ad in the June issue was rated the highest among all other advertisers. The NNEP ad’s score was 102, where the average for all other ads was a 94.

Their ad scored very well in “information value” as well as ‘believability.”

NNEP will be receiving a plaque from Stitches Magazine ad for their effective advertisement.

I think that’s great. Isn’t that the purpose of an ad, to capture the readers’ attention and draw them in? So often I hear of ad agencies winning awards from ad clubs made up of other ad agencies. This is an award presented by an independent group based on REAL results of what the reader’s saw and remembered. Good work!

Congrats to both Sarah Sawaya and Jenni Cox. I’m especially happy for them because they are both Northeast Ohio business friends of mine as well as outstanding business professionals!
For more information about NNEP visit the NNEP website or NNEP blog. For more about Sarah Sawaya of Sassafras Design visit her LinkedIn profile here.

Author: Chris Brown

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