The Next Step: Now we can sort Z-list blogs by subject, location and more

I find it’s easy to get lost in the Blogosphere, so imagine my delight when I found that Becky Carroll of Customer’s Rock, Gavin Heaton at Servant of Chaos, and Sharon Sarmiento of Esoup have organized and categorized the pandora’s box of 152 blogs (and counting!) called the Z-list into Z-List 2.0.

(If you’re not familiar with the Z-list, it’s Mack Collier of The Viral Garden’s viral response to the blogs that are A-Listed via Technorati’s ranking system that gives “authority” to blogs that have a lot of inbound links. For more info,read the post that started it all. And here’s the link to see where your blog ranks.).
Hats off to them for creating a great tool. Thanks to Gavin Heaton at Servant of Chaos for alerting me this expanded version of the Z-list and for these links that make it great to sort by country… or by subject.

Download Z-list by category.xls
Download Z-list by category.doc

Becky, Gavin & Sharon, I really appreciate the work that went into it. You must have spent hours and hours to go through all the blogs on the Z-list and organizing them into word and excel files listing each with the name of person, location, category and description!

Of course the whole point started out to get a lot of blogs listed that don’t have a lot of exposure. So I’ve spent about 30 minutes trying to figure out how to post the cool Excel chart that they made into my blog. I don’t think blogspot likes the code. Or maybe I hit my limit. When I pasted the source code into word, it’s 58 pages! If someone knows the trick, send me an email or a comment. I’ve very close, but I’m already over my alloted “blogging time!” Thanks.

Branding & Marketing Blogs

If you’re new to the marketing and branding blogs, there are 2 sites you MUST check out. They’ve become real portals for branding and marketing.

1) Mack Collier’s Viral Garden – He’s famous for creating the Z-list, ranking the 25 top marketing blogs each week and is one of the most generous branding and marketing bloggers in the blogsphere.

2) Todd And’s Power 150: Todd has assembled more than 150 blogs that focus on branding and marketing and has rated them from 1-150 (and into 200 if you scroll all the way) based on a series of measurement tools.

UPDATE FROM TODD: Hey Chris, thanks for the mention. For your readers interested in the Power 150, they may also be excited to know that the list features some new bells and whistles. For instance, the list is now searchable and visitors can subscribe via RSS to their custom keyword searches. There is also a combined RSS feed, or river of news, so readers can browse recent posts from all bloggers on the Power 150. Check it out: Kitchen Sink 4:50 PM 2-7-07

MyBlogLog – Building a Community of Neighbors

Andy sent out the first list. Then Drew passed it.. Mike added to it (or was it Mike passed it and Drew added to it?) Either way, Patrick passed it to me. That part I’m sure about.

I’m talking about MyBlogLog — one of the fastest growing sites for building and measuring community in the blogosphere. Here’s a way to get to know more bloggers in your community.

As Mike says:

The rules are simple:
1. You should be a member of the community you recommend.
2. You should subscribe to their feed.