Creating Ideas for Branding

Trying to create a brand is more than just wanting to sell something. It’s one part product, two parts image and three parts communication. Here’s a site that offers some inspiration… Take a look at Adcracker’s ideas for creating memorable brands.

They’ve got some entertaining ideas for how to create brands and fill the “how-to” with lots of fun video!

RistWatch: Sales & Marketing Event

Norma Rist went to the Sales and Marketing event RistWatch: Renea Woods and Sabrena Schweyer Spotlighted and comments from another point of view.

Videotaping at a client’s office

Yesterday was a full day of videotaping. Lucky for us the two professionals we were working with were very good — Crain and Jeff. They made the day seem more like fun than work. It’s always a pleasure to work with people who make their job look easy!

Sales & Marketing Awards Banquet

Last Tuesday evening several area business professionals were honored for their efforts in the field of sales and marketing by SMEI of Akron (Sales & Marketing Executives International.) Sage Lewis of, Shirl Matz of Matz Accounting Group and Chuck Obendorf of Step2 were among those honored that evening. This is a photo of me with Shirl Matz, President of Matz Accounting. Shirl was selected a Distinguished Sales & Marketing Award honoree for her accomplishments.