How One Company Makes Billboards Interactive

Most billboards are static. A quick phrase and a clever photo. That’s about it.

Who would think that billboards could “interact” with people? And that it could be really fun?

These two videos help show how creative use of electronic billboards can get people interacting with the billboard, someone else taking their photo and everyone else standing around watching all the antics. And drive traffic to a retail location! And offer coupons that are very trackable. And I’m sure have lots of people talking about how fun and different it is.

Take a minute to watch these videos if you want to get the ideas in your mind churning around on how to get consumers on the street (not infront of a computer) to interact with your company, brand or product.

Those viewing in a feed, click here for the coupon capture video and here for one in Picadilly Square in London.

A word of warning to marketers! I can think of one electronic billboard that is located in Akron, Ohio where I wouldn’t want to use this technique!

It moves and changes — a bit distracting to the drivers on the road, because unfortunately it’s placed where 3 big highways intersect. I think that this type of interactive marketing is best used by people who are walking, NOT driving!!! Don’t you?

Have you seen any other uses of interactive billboards? Leave a comment with a link, I’d love to see them.

Viral “Commercials” using a Phone Number and Facebook

Are you trying to figure out how to take advantage of Facebook for driving traffic to your website, your phone or your retail store? Why not try a viral Facebook message?

Try this and you’ll get the idea. This came up on my home page from one of my Facebook friend’s wall :

TAKE A MINUTE AND DO THIS! Call the Nestle Chocolate Hot-line at 1-800-295-0051. When asked if you want to continue in English or Spanish, wait quietly for about 10 sec. and you will smile. My favorite: press 4. Then press 7.

Does this kind of tactic make sense for your brand?

Marketing your Business with a Brand Niche

Name a brand of chocolate branding videoName a brand of chocolate… Okay. Name another brand!

Marketing specifically to your industry’s niche is important for any business. If you expand your marketing efforts too wide then you’ll be spending a lot of money to get people to see your brand but they probably won’t be relevant to your business and no leads will come from it.

However, if you only market your business to the people relevant to you, you’ll get a lot more leads while spending a lot less money because the people seeing your business will want your services. For example, BlackStorm Plumbing and HVAC Marketing Agency is perfect for tradesmen who offer these services because it means they’re putting their marketing money towards something that will get them results, not just putting an ad in their local newspaper and hoping someone sees it.

Watch this one minute video where I talk about branding and marketing your business by carving out a niche in a category. It’s a quick one minute that will get your thinking about your brand’s positioning.

Marketing your Business with a Brand Niche

Do you know how to market your business with a brand niche? Here’s a quick video I put together that may help you understand the world of branding, carving out niche category, and how consistency with your marketing message helps to reinforce your marketing position. All this in less than one minute.

Now. Think of your favorite brand of chocolate. Click play.

Do You Use the Hottest Advertising Tool to Market Your Product?

Facebook Sales Director Sean Sullivan with Chris BrownWhat audience has MORE viewers than the superbowl… everyday?

What medium is bigger than all of prime time… all the time?

Give up? It’s Facebook.

With more than 10 million users becoming fans of pages every DAY, it’s one of the fastest growing advertising mediums out there. Of course, it’s not the only medium used for advertising to generate traffic on your website. You may prefer and be thinking about following an advertisement course that you may want to read a review on, like John’s paid advertising course here. This is completely acceptable, but making use of such a huge platform like Facebook is very simple.

Yesterday I heard Sean Sullivan, midwest sales director at Facebook, speak at the Cleveland AAF (American Advertising Federation) luncheon. I wanted to learn more about how to use fan pages to brand and market with Facebook.

While Facebook is still not very effective with a b2b market, Sean had lots of successful case studies and ad statistics to share from big brand consumer products: Papa John Pizza, Starbucks, Honda.

Think about it. Facebook is word of mouth at its best. It’s got the 1-2-3 punch.

1) A trusted source (your friends)
2) Easy transmission (just a click and it propogates on your friend’s wall)
3) Add the ability to comment or snicker, share links, video and photos (status update/walls)

No wonder it’s growing like crazy.

When you make a fan page on Facebook and get people to become FANS, your advertising can be extremely targeted to an opt in group. And it can be so easily viral when someone comments on a friend’s wall, video, link or status update! Huge potential to segment. Think about it. Facebook has a big inventory of targeted keywords matched to their millions of users. They know your birthday, your hobbies, your interests, your friends, where you went to school, and what causes you support. And what ever you subscribe to, depending on your privacy settings, goes viral.

You could advertise to all the 21 year olds males in New York City who are having a birthday in one week.

Another example: when you sign up as a fan and get a freebie like a free pizza from Papa Johns, all your friends and find out when you tell them and they want to opt in to get a coupon for a free pizza too.

For example, it only took 11 days, some YouTube / TV ads and a bunch of burger coupons for TGIFriday’s to get 655,000 Facebook Fans subscribed to their fan page. Of course, it wasn’t without some bumps along the way, but now since the group has opted in, TGIFriday’s has a big fan base that it is “free” to communicate with.

The Facebook ad set up reminds me of a Google Adwords set up in many ways. URL, body copy, segmentation, daily budget. One big difference: a photo or image in the ad. That’s big. A photo has the ability to signficantly increase readership of an ad.

Also, because of the connectedness with the member users, the potential for going viral is huge. When 50% of the users log in every day and the average user spends 20 minutes a day on Facebook every day… and the demographics for growth are in the 35+ category; this is a medium to learn, test and use if you brand and market to consumers.

On Hitwise’s list of top 20 social networking sites, this week Facebook has 41% of the visits. Back in April, it was only 29% and Facebook was #2 to MySpace That’s growth! Yesterday afternoon it was announced Facebook reached 300 million users. Here. Here. and Here. And they are profitable.

Have you tried a Facebook ad campaign yet? What was the result? How are you using Facebook ads, the hottest new advertising tool? Everyone is looking for ROI and real numbers, if you’re willing to share! Send links to your case study or fan page or just leave comment.

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Twitter Tips for Business: 24 Slides of “How To”

Does Twitter work for business?  You bet. 

Wondering how to apply this social media to your marketing and sales program?  If so, you’ll want to review this 24 slide program from Jason Davey.

Thanks Jason! I especially love slide 16 with the search operators for Twitter. There are some here I wasn’t aware of but will start using.

You can follow him on Twitter @JasonDavey or just take a look at his tweets by visiting his Jason Davey Twitter home page