New Rules for Business Branding and Marketing with PR on the Internet

Public Relations professionals know that the whole world of PR has had a dramatic shift to the internet in recent years. To brand and market a business, a PR home run is not necessarily getting the big story published in the newspaper/magazine anymore. More important is getting the story picked up all over the internet so that it can result in geometric results and link back to the website for long-lasting SEO (you can get more information about how to achieve this here on Lapshock – it can give you tips about things like SEO and improved branded search). Getting the most out of your SEO is very important for businesses and companies to become more visible and bring in potential clients. You can find SEO for every type of business, from a bail bonds seo guide to a skincare review seo guide, there is more opportunity to be seen and heard now with internet advertising.

Business marketing and search engine optimization are greatly increased when the story gets picked up in print — not so much because of the actual printed story — but because of the large on line circulation and page rank of most daily newspapers and industry publications.

David Meerman Scott of Webinknow (That’s Web Ink Now, not Web In Know – but I love the double entendre!) really does a great job of explaining the new rules of PR in his book called, what else, “The New Rules of PR”. You can download the early edition of The New Rules of PR as a complimentary copy as a PDF or buy the paperback “New Rules of PR” from Amazon of the updated version.

David referenced a great YouTube commercial by PRWEB.COM disguised as a how to video. This one is a must view!

Thanks David for the bringing it to my attention.’s Solar Toaster press release video really succinctly tells the new e-release story! Thanks HRMarketer for the original reference to the video. I love the clean graphics and simple story. Great use of Viral Video too! It’s one of the many ways to utilize personalized video marketing for your business.

Viral Marketing: Spotlight on Justin Kirby of Connected Marketing

Along with advertising, PR and promotions, I believe that there is a fourth category of marketing that is growing faster than any of the other three: Viral Marketing.

I suppose that’s nothing new to those of us who blog daily, but many mainstream marketers still don’t believe it. Putting a video of your brand upon a led video display from somewhere like SNA Displays and having it draw in an audience? What isn’t there to believe?

Here’s what prompted today’s post about viral marketing.

This morning I received an email from Amazon this morning suggesting that I read Connected Marketing: The Viral, Buzz and Word of Mouth Revolution a book by Justin Kirby & Paul Marsden. I like the title and clicked around to find out more.

Several things I like about connected marketing’s Justin Kirby:

  1. He has really embraced the new type of business that I see growing in the next decade… workshops, seminars, podcasts, an interesting book about viral marketing. Not just a consultant any more.
  2. Great image on the cover of his book. It’s illustrated with a white dandelion on the cover. You know… the type that makes homeowners who struggle for the perfect lawn just cringe when they see them break out in the next door neighbor’s lawn! Just that image alone is worth a mention in communicating the whole viral marketing experience. It communicates in a Blink!
  3. Justin has a survey on his web page for readers to add their 2 cents to his 10 predictions for the future. His book, published in Sept. 2005, still has good predictions, but like anything talking about the future, predictions will either come true, or sound pretty lame in a few years. I think an online “survey” is a smart, clever way to gather anecdotes to update his book. Not to mention great content for his workshops and seminars.

A couple things I’m surprised by:

  1. He uses a .org in his web address. Doesn’t seem like a non-profit, but maybe the .org doesn’t necessarily mean non-profit status and it’s just my hang up.
  2. Where’s the blog? I can’t find his blog. How could a guy like that not have a blog. Lots of posts about him in other people’s blogs. Maybe he podcasts instead of blogging. I wanted to read about what he thought and felt before I read the entire book. All I could find were podcasts. These are okay in their own right, but I like to read first… then decide if it’s worth setting things up to listen.

So, for those of you who have read the book… should I buy it or just get it from the library?

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Rapid Change in Media — Pew Internet

We all know that the internet has had a huge impact on the media. This report presented by Lee Rainie, Director of the Pew Internet and American Life Project, today at the Washington Web Managers Roundtable really brings us face-to-face with that reality. I guess I knew that on-line news had grown and the National TV News was dropping, but wow… no wonder Katie Couric is having a tough time.

Check out the full PowerPoint presentation on the Growth and Impact of the Internet. It’s a “good” PowerPoint, one that Garr Reynold’s Presentation Zen would approve!