Marketing Case Study: Using YouTube Video to Build Awareness

viral video marketing with YouTube for brand awareness
Viral video marketing with YouTube for brand awareness
Are you trying to figure out how to build awareness and market your product or service using a low cost YouTube video?

YouTube is a great platform to market your products and gain recognition for your brand. However, it’s not easy to become recognizable on YouTube due to it being a very saturated platform. Fortunately, with more and more resources available online on how to grow your YouTube channel, including information on regarding purchasing likes on your videos, it’s straight-forward on how to grow prevalence.

Here’s a video case study of Norvacortex, a Dutch agency that did just that for under 1000 euros (about $1400.)

Using vinyl static cling with a pretend scrape and marketing info, the agency placed the cling on the side of expensive cars and filmed people’s reaction with a hidden camera. They made a video that went viral on social media networks. If you’re reading in a feed, click here to watch the short marketing case study video.

Interesting way to get a lot of attention for about $1500.

Caution: While they blurred the license plates, you will also want to get signed waivers from people who appeared in the film before using them in a viral video.

My guess is that since this video is a humor advertisement, all the people visable in the video are hired actors and have signed releases.

Just don’t forget this step yourself! Although the marketing materials and method they used is very low cost, a lawsuit could be expensive. Be safe and make sure you’re covered by having everyone in the video sign a model release.

You can watch the actual viral video here.

As the owner of a marketing agency, what I find especially interesting is the viewer count on their agency’s marketing video that followed. It was a great tactic for the agency posted a VIDEO RESPONSE to the first video, which helped the agency’s brand awareness as well.

When you post a video response to a popular video, you help your chances of increasing your search engine ranking within the YouTube search engine. It is important that your video really is in response to the original video and that it gets accepted by the first video’s author.

Read more here (check the comments too!) to learn about YouTube Ranking Optimization.

Have you attempted a viral video? What worked? What will you do differently next time?

Leave a comment below.

Great Tips on Vlogging — Video Blogging to Use When You Brand and Market Your Product, Your Service or Company

Jendi Pagano
Jendi Pagano at FitBloggin Conference in Baltimore speaking about Vlogging Tips

So, you’ve worked hard developing your website, looking at the advice companies like MangoMatter have put out to ensure you have the best possible design and UX. The last thing you need to make sure your website runs successfully is a secure web host. Depending on what platform you have used to build your website, you may already have a web host that is secured by the platform you have used. However, on some occasions, you will have to source your own host. You could use an affordable hosting solution, like LCWSoft hosting, to host your site or reach out to other bloggers and vloggers to see what they choose to use. Once you have a fully secured site, you need to fill the site with content, or visitors are just going to leave straight away. This is where creating a video for your company, brand, or service comes in.

Maybe you’d like to try VLOGGING – which is short for a video blog.

Jendi Pagano from is speaking today at FitBloggin’ 11 in Baltimore.

She’s a bundle of energy and full of wonderful video creation tips. Here are a few of the notes I took during her presentation.

Pretend you’re sitting down and talking to a friend. Tape a picture of your friend on the camera and just pretend you’re talking to them. Speak in your natural voice and just talk to them!

Top Vlogging Tips:

  • Look presentable- take a minute to comb your hair
  • Have a blog – this helps you push out content
  • Background – what builds your expertise? If you are an exercise guru, why not vlog from the treadmill? Something that requires a Have your diploma in the background?
  • Timing- 2 to 4 minutes is a good length, but 30 seconds can work as well.
  • Call to action- This is important for your marketing. Make sure the viewer knows what the next step is.
  • Stability- Don’t let the camera wobble. At least keep your arms at your side and rotate your body if you don’t have a tripod.
  • Content – Make sure the content is not too complicated, keep it simple. Use an outline to stay on track.
  • Lighting- on a bright sunny day, film in the shade a porch or under a tree. Sun up and sun down (dawn and dusk) is a great time to film. Indoor lighting is not the best, try to get near a window or use daylight bulbs in your lights .
  • Audio – if they can’t hear you, it’s no good. Camcorders pick up the audio from their microphone with a max of 3 feet.
  • SMILE – This helps you to relax and also helps the person watching you engage with your content.

??Don’t go for Perfection: Limit yourself to 3 takes. Practice ONE time all the way through before you start to film — either talking or in your head. This helps you not to ramble. Also, many times you have an idea what you want to say, but you’re not sure how to end. Practicing through first eliminates the ums, awws, and stumbling rambles.

Try only one new thing at a time!

Don’t be afraid to have a pause in the video. It’s more natural. Regular films do it, so don’t be afraid of it.

Easiest videos to do

  • Testimonial. What do your clients or customers say about you?
  • Intro or welcome. This is perfect for your about page.
  • Product demo’s or reviews – practice with it first. You don’t want to fumble on air.
  • Training – use your FAQ’s as a source. What do people always ask you?
  • Promotion – writing an ebook? Make a video about it

What camera to use? Kodak Zi8. Flips just went out of business. But use what you have. Your phone etc, you’ll figure out what you need.

Editing: don’t let it intimidate you. Ways to make it better:
Take angles- shoot from eye level, low, bird’s eye, slanted.
Add titles, credits
Keep it a good length (2-4 minutes) and a good pace – not too fast or too slow.
The most used transitions are cuts, wipe, dissolve, or fade. Most editing software has lots of choices, but don’t feel you need to use all the choices, or people will get seasick!

???Watch the video all the way through — Jendi says that she has seen some that people didn’t watch the whole thing through because the ending was so obscure.

  • Music adds a lot, but you don’t need much. Make sure you have free royalty-free music.
  • Check out: music bakery
  • For those who are frugal about their music: Incompetech is about $5 through PayPal
  • Internet archives – older things may not under copyright anymore
  • Partners in rhyme
  • has great links to other pages
  • istock has music for a low fee

Jendi ‘s videos have made it to the top of YouTube. How did she do it? Tag your YouTube video with similar tags to other popular videos with similar content. Or create a video response to a popular post with similar content to your brand and use the same tags. After the person watches the popular video, they will be directed to watch your video if you have the same tags.

I just signed up for her newsletter and got a great ebook with lots more tips. Her blog is filled with lots of other tips for creating, editing and distributing video on the internet.

More tips posted at the FitBloggin site.

Smart Phones Are Changing the World of Marketing

Difference between iPhone and Blackberry when it comes to a websiteIs your business ready for all the new smart phones?

Look how differently the iPhone sees a website, compared to how the Blackberry sees it!

Chances are you know how your website looks on Internet Explorer, Firefox and maybe Safari. But what does it look like on the iPhone? The Blackberry? The Google Droid?

Why should Marketing People Care about Smart Phones?
According to the numbers on this mobile phone infographic posted on the Social Brand Value blog:

Already 25% of the phones in the world are smart phones. And by 2014, there will be more smart phones used on the internet than desk top computers.

If that is true, then we marketers better stop looking at Internet Explorer and Firefox to see how the website looks and instead take a look at the smartphones.

Already smart phones are changing the way we marketers look at building a marketing campaign. Video is becoming more important. And a QR code or a Tag that suggest a person snap a photo of the code/tag are pupping up everywhere! This provides an opportunity for marketers a chance to talk to the purchaser right at the point of sale.

Tell me, as a marketer for your business, what are you doing about incorporating this new technology?

Planning a Video? Wondering How to Budget?

Are you using YouTube as a tool in your marketing program? Why not? Look around at your local austin video companies and find one who can make you an amazing promo video to show off your brand.

Google loves YouTube videos for search engine results. Ever notice how often a video tagged with the words you are searching is shown in the top 5 results?

If one of your marketing objectives is to increase your traffic to your website, then your strategy might be improve your ranking on the search engines for a certain keyword phrase and one of your action steps to get that done might be create a video that you distribute on YouTube with those keyword phrases.

In planning your 2011 budget, you are probably thinking, “How much will it cost?” I get asked that often. My answer is usually the all too familiar, “It depends.”

But it’s true.

Budgeting for a new YouTube video is similar to budgeting for a uilding a new office. Or developing a website. Or for leasing a car. Or creating a press kit. If you do want to lease a car or even buy a van then you may want to check out van insurance comparison on Money Expert to find the best deals! Budgeting on car deals is always important just as budgeting for youtube videos…

Describe your vision first. You have to consider the desired outcome. Then determine the size, quality and complexity.

Is the purpose just to get noticed in the search engines? Or is the purpose to get noticed and to have potential clients impressed and nodding their heads when they view the video?

If you want to impress them, what can you afford? Will you do it yourself or have help? HD TV commercial quality? or Flip Camera technology?

If you are on a very tight budget consider turning jpg photos (like an old slide show) into a video. Maybe there is a keyword phrase that you can’t break into. Why don’t you try a short YouTube video made up of a few PowerPoint slides turned into JPG files that include your website address.

If you have more money to invest, consider a higher production quality by hiring a video company to do the filming and editing. Will you be writing/storyboarding the video yourself or have the help of a writer? Will you be the one to distribute the video or will you have help?

If you are the one who will post it on YouTube, create your channel first (your account) and put it in the business name. Consider branding it with your logo, your company colors and style to make it match your company’s brand.

When you upload the video, don’t forget to name it with your keyword phrase, tag it with the keyword phrase and use it in the YouTube description. And, be sure to use the HTTP:// as the first thing you type into your YouTube description. It makes it easy for someone to abandon the video at any time and click thru to your website.

Additional reading: Video Budgeting.

What budget amount will set aside in your 2011 marketing budget for video? What improvement to your marketing results will you expect in return?

How One Company Makes Billboards Interactive

Most billboards are static. A quick phrase and a clever photo. That’s about it.

Who would think that billboards could “interact” with people? And that it could be really fun?

These two videos help show how creative use of electronic billboards can get people interacting with the billboard, someone else taking their photo and everyone else standing around watching all the antics. And drive traffic to a retail location! And offer coupons that are very trackable. And I’m sure have lots of people talking about how fun and different it is.

Take a minute to watch these videos if you want to get the ideas in your mind churning around on how to get consumers on the street (not infront of a computer) to interact with your company, brand or product.

Those viewing in a feed, click here for the coupon capture video and here for one in Picadilly Square in London.

A word of warning to marketers! I can think of one electronic billboard that is located in Akron, Ohio where I wouldn’t want to use this technique!

It moves and changes — a bit distracting to the drivers on the road, because unfortunately it’s placed where 3 big highways intersect. I think that this type of interactive marketing is best used by people who are walking, NOT driving!!! Don’t you?

Have you seen any other uses of interactive billboards? Leave a comment with a link, I’d love to see them.