Clever Video Describes the Analogy of a Bee Hive to a Fundraising Drive in an effort to Market for Donations

Minuteearth uses a clever animated video (their product) as a way to market their fundraising drive for donations.

Have you ever wondered how does a nonprofit stay in business? That is, how do they get enough money to pay the people that work there? Girl Scouts have their cookie sales. Many different medical related associations have walk a thons, ride a thons or even marathons.

In general it seems to me, there are three ways. Here’s what I have observed:

1 – grants from organizations like foundations and government agencies. Usually requires a grant writer and meeting specific criteria.
2 – sell something to people who want the item or want to support the nonprofit organization (social enterprise.)
3 – get donations from people or organizations that want to support the cause or influence others who support the cause. Things like ads, sponsorships or donations.

This video tells where honey comes from and uses the analogy to explain their process and make the “ASK”. They are using Subbable – a combination pledge drive and Kickstarter.

Do you market products or services for a nonprofit? How do you fund your charitable organization? I’m curious what programs or models you may have used. Please email me or leave a comment below.