Going Green with Marketing Means More than “Just the Right Thing to Do”

Green Marketing

I’ve written about the growing trend of sustainability, going green and the increase of green marketing… But how do you translate that trend into actually marketing your own company?

First of all, you need to have a green component to your business. Internally does your company have a recycling program? What are you doing to reduce the carbon footprint of your organization?

Does your organization promote green internally and externally? Are you working to build awareness of the solutions?

One organization in Cleveland, E4S – Entrepreneurs for Sustainability has become a focal point for advancing sustainablity and offers tips for companies to create a more green office environment.

Although at times it may seem that CEO’s and Marketing Directors are more interested in green marketing than the buyers and customers, the tide is beginning to change. I believe the tipping point is almost here in the United States and has already arrived in most of Europe.

As a consumer:
For instance a few years ago when I was in London on business, I noticed many of the hotels had small signs in the bathroom reminding you to limit the water usage and towel usage to conserve natural resources. It really seemed unusual to me at the time, but now I see it quite often in hotels here in the US. With gas prices climbing to $4 a gallon, all of the sudden I see the big gas eaters like F150 trucks for sale at very low prices and the small gas efficient cars bragging about their gas mileage over their style or price.

As a marketing firm business owner:
I’m noticing more printers providing recycled content in their papers ane information about their inks. More and more companies are skipping the printing all together and just posting PDF’s for quick download and electronic copies. Industries that focus on energy, sustainability and marketing its green efforts have more avenues to promote and build awareness of their products and services.

So, my questions to you: What are you doing to “go green” with your company, organization or business? Do you have products and services that lend themselves to marketing your green efforts?
What has been your experience with going green in your business?

Full Disclosure about this photo: I took this photo in my backyard two summers ago. My husband is an avid beekeeper so we have lots of bees… but I have to come clean and be honest. This little honeybee is dead. That made her very easy to position so perfectly on that daisy and get such a great shot! With 100’s of thousands of bees in our backyard, finding the “perfect model” was not hard.

Author: Chris Brown

Business owner operating a marketing consulting firm. Online Publisher. Keynote Speaker.