How Are You Adjusting Your Marketing to Meet the Demands of Smart Phones?

I got excited when I read a headline that said 25% of all smart phone users go on the internet, mostly using their smart phone.

Then I started really reading the report and found a chart that said 8 percent of adults go on the internet mostly using their smartphone.

And one-third of that 8% does so because they are lacking broadband internet at home. Whilst some do look for broadband deals here, others opt out entirely from the equation. In regards to this, the answer could be around the corner, if you’re looking for home-broadband you may want to see here for tips for moving to the NBN (National Broadband Network).

My guess: Young, recent college graduate buys a smartphone and decides to forgo the cable fees, preferring to use “free” wireless at a coffee shop or at work when they use their laptop or just their smartphone when they aren’t using their laptop. Just yesterday I talked to a sales professional who said he will get a “regular” cell phone and then use an iPad to get online… using wifi, so he doesn’t have a hefty cell phone bill.

While shopping for a new cell phone recently, I found out there are 2 tiers of choices at Verizon, very basic phone or a smartphone. They got rid of the “middle” ground.

Last summer smartphones passed desktop computers in sales units. We’re just starting to see the tip of the iceberg.

So what does the increased use of smartphones mean to market professionals?

  • Time to get the mobile site live!
  • Time to put together a mobile tag or QR code plan
  • Find a site that provides “looks like” browsers of all the variation of cell phones. (Instead of thinking about IE, Firefox and Safari… think about iPhone, Droid and Blackberry.)
  • Create an APP that makes sense for your market. Start with something simple. Brand it with your logo.
  • Download speed will really, really matter! No one wants to wait long with a phone in their hand. It’s bad enough sitting at a desktop!
  • Check your Google Analytic accounts and see how the % of smart phone access to your website has changed.

What are you doing differently in your marketing to accomodate the smart phone technology?

My friend was telling me about how important it is to also have the right broadband deal with your smartphone. He got a great deal through Usave and is so glad he got a good deal from them. He saved money and got a better service.

Photo credit: Caribb on Flickr.

Author: Chris Brown

Business owner operating a marketing consulting firm. Online Publisher. Keynote Speaker.

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