Maintaining Sustainability in Marketing and Branding

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The word sustainability has become a strong new buzzword the last year or so. I’m seeing it in the green movement, business models and even in executing a marketing plan.

After creating a marketing plan  (you know a little strategy about who you want to attract, what you want to communicate, what action you want them to take and then all the little action steps of the tactics)  sustaining the efforts can sometimes feel like more than you bargained for.

Finishing the new webpage, writing the next press release, updating the prospect database, finding the right trade show  all these steps take time, but mostly take perseverance.

Figure out a way to help yourself and your staff take those steps to make marketing part of your everyday routines. Sustainability is sticking with it for the long haul, even when you get distracted, don’t feel like, aren’t sure if it’s the right course or just feel discouraged.

To establish your brand and keep your branding in top of mind with your potential audience, you’ve got to continue to execute. We live in a world where yesterday’s news is seems so much older now now with instant Twitter communication, AIM, and Texting, sometimes even email seems like old news.

In order not to burn out, remember the turtle and the rabbit (okay, an updated version of the tortoise and the hare) it’s not the fastest, it’s the most consistent routines that will win the race.

Author: Chris Brown

Business owner operating a marketing consulting firm. Online Publisher. Keynote Speaker.

2 thoughts on “Maintaining Sustainability in Marketing and Branding”

  1. Sustainability is definitely the problem for most people(especially me). I’m seems like the majority of the marketing advice beeing issued today is about consistency. Maybe I need pay a little more attention. lol

  2. Good post Chris-

    I’ve found with clients and my own team that sometimes it takes a reminder about the objectives and vision that we’re after. Not in an overly formal way, but just to say, “Look I know it doesn’t seem like we are making progress, but we are much closer than we were last month, and here’s where we’ll be next month”

    Sometimes that’s all it takes and everyone is excited again.

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