Earlier this week, I noticed a trend that has been growing for trade show booths at small exhibiting situations.

It’s those pop up banners. Only one of about 15 exhibitors had the traditional 10 foot booth with the full color graphics, expandable metal frame and carpeted end panels. Instead they all seemed to have those 8 foot by 2 foot vinyl signs on a telescoping metal or plastic frame. Some used a retractable window shade style stand.

The printed banners are stored in a convenient carry-on back pack style case. Looks like it was made out of nylon with a zipper and large handle; similar to those pop-out chairs that everyone uses at their kids soccer games or to take to a picnic. The size and shape made me think that an average-sized woman wearing heels could still comfortably carry a couple of them through an airport and not feel like she was lugging the entire company on her back to present in a small exhibiting ballroom.

One of the displays was horizontal. It had the same size of vinyl but a lot more presence. There were also teardrop banners. They were so cool; you could put them up and pack them down in a flash, what a way to advertise your company!

The booth pictured, from Megan Raphael, the author of The Courage Code, also had a very sharp looking tablecloth with logo and name on the front of the booth. A great way to make an exhibit look professional and put together, but also lightweight and manageable. Megan was one of the breakout session speakers at the Athena International conference for advancing women in leadership.

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