Marketing a United Message on Blog Action Day: Water

h2o WATERCreating a movement, persuading someone to think differently, helping to shine light on a cause… it’s all about marketing to create awareness, spark interest, inspire action… and ultimately, make a difference.

The saying “Power of the Pen” has been replaced by the “Power of the Internet” on October 15 with Blog Action Day where bloggers around the world write about improving the world.

This year’s theme: water.

Here is how some of the writers have brought attention to issues about water:

Are you trying to change the world?  Are you ready to build awareness about a cause, a movement or a mission?

Building awareness is the first step for change.

Even if you don’t have a blog, you can take part by posting a link on your Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn status. Each of those formats is really a “mini blog”, isn’t it?

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Author: Chris Brown

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