Marketing and Branding Resources: the Ultimate Encyclopedia

While researching a particular topic for a project that I’m developing, I wanted to double check the theory behind it. When I found this page of marketing reference links, I bookmarked it and wanted to share it with you here as well.

Marketing Methods, Models and Theories has a “Cliff note” summary of everything from the McCarthy’s 4-p’s (product, price, place & promotion)… extended to 7ps’ (people, process & physical evidence), the BCG Model (stars, cash cow, ?’s, and the dog), and positioning (functional, symbolic, experiential) to core compentencies using a Venn Diagram, the GE matrix (McKinsey’s extended BCG model) and Roger’s Innovation/Adoption curve (innovators, adoptors, early/late majority, laggards).

Just a nice reference tool to have at your fingertips when you’re pulling together a marketing strategy.

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Author: Chris Brown

Business owner operating a marketing consulting firm. Online Publisher. Keynote Speaker.

5 thoughts on “Marketing and Branding Resources: the Ultimate Encyclopedia”

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  2. One of the best ways to make your brand work is to harness what are called key differentiators from your competitors. If you are successful at this, customers will choose your products or services because your company provides something the others do not.

  3. Joy –
    You are so right. Having a niche that separates you from the group is very important to branding. Otherwise you’re just one of the many.

    Thanks for taking the time to comment!

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