Marketing is like Popcorn…

When I’m describing marketing, I like to use the analogy of popcorn.

It takes time to get the program to show results. Getting leads is like popping popcorn. You put in the oil, popcorn and add heat. The oil gets warm. The kernels start to quiver. More heat. All of the sudden, one pops.

Then the next.

And another.

All of the sudden it’s popping, popping, exploding into the room… and the problem is handling all the leads.

You have to have enough heat, wait long enough to get the kernels to escape velocity. Don’t forget to shake the pot and handle the leads, or you’ll get burned.

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Author: Chris Brown

Business owner operating a marketing consulting firm. Online Publisher. Keynote Speaker.

6 thoughts on “Marketing is like Popcorn…”

  1. The great thing about the popcorn analogy is everyone can understand it instantly. It also helps the client visualize the process involved in marketing, to recognize that many inputs are needed, and to grasp the time element. Many business people expect marketing to be either instant, or involving only one step and it’s done. The popcorn simile opens the mind to the process, ingredients, and the time factor,

  2. The hardest thing about marketing it keeping the heat on until you see some results… Like keeping the oil hot, not giving up. If you can get that first kernal to pop early, it sure does give encouragement to hang in for what’s to come!

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