Marketing to Women — Where’s the Results?

When I agreed to speak to the Solon Women in Business group about marketing to women, I figured that there would be LOTS of information, examples, and stories to draw from.  Surprisingly, I had to dig!

There were lots of facts and figures, but not a lot of what companies are doing about it. A few stories about marketing to moms. Some companies who are retrofitting “regular” products to look cute with rounded corners or change the color to pink. I still feel that I’m missing the big picture…

Women don’t just want a “cute” version of a man’s product, they want it to work right, fit right and have a sharp price. I don’t think women want exclusive women’s products that are just marketed to women unless they truly have some benefits besides being cute.

The Challenge of Marketing to Women by BusinessWeek tells the story of a financial planner who created a women’s portfolio of stocks all relating to women. But seemed surprised when women weren’t interested. They instead wanted flexibility to match their lifestyles.

Sara Lee’s Brenda Barnes gets it. She tells of a faster way to return to the workforce, called returnships. Trendsite’s Marti Barletta in Something Sweet From Sara Lee thinks it will pay off in additional sales to women who care about companies doing the right thing:

Returnships will resonate with anyone who temporarily left the work force, or wished that they could have. Your brands will benefit — I predict you will see them tossed into lots of shopping carts.

But if 80% of the purchasing power in US households are with women… then why aren’t there more blogs, more companies sitting up and taking notice? It seems perfect for social media. Women connect emotionally with each other. Women like to shop. These are more than stereotypes, right?

The best blogs I found about marketing to women are:


Which ones am I missing??

Beth Liepold suggests: Have you checked out Moms Like Me ( which is mostly like a blog/social community.

Author: Chris Brown

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