Marketing uncomfortable subjects: Euphemisms and Naming

Euphemisms — making uncomfortable subjects more appealing. Many times a marketer’s job is to put a favorable spin… or at least a neutral spin… on some nasty realities.

Case in point: diseases. Thanks to for the info on the Brand Institutes’ renaming of diseases and symptoms of the disease, funded by the drug companies.

The key, according to the Brand Institute’s President, is making up a name that describe the symptoms in a nice way … making it okay to seek help preferably with the client’s drugs.

Sure looks like the Brand Institute has the corner on Euphemisms and naming popular drugs.

Watching the Lunesta commerical with that calming butterfly (or is it a moth since it flies at night) you can’t help but feel that this drug is the answer. Never mind the list of nasty side effects the voice over describes.

Ahhh Marketing.

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Author: Chris Brown

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