Do you have a business that would benefit by bringing potential customers into your company?

If you provide services or sell a product, a mini-tour and an opportunity to meet the staff one-on-one can make a big difference to a potential customer when they are deciding to do business with you. You may want to hire a photographer like to take photos of your business to drum up talk, so you can showcase what you do and the services you provide, this will show how open you are with your business.

Here are some suggestions for holding your open house or throwing a Grand Opening:

  • Have sponsors (product supplier?) for a non-competing business with the same target market to be in several rooms talking/demonstrating product/services 15-minute segments. And maybe sponsors could help fund refreshments.
  • A local caterer maybe willing to jointly sponsor part of the open house in exchange for promoting their services. Refreshments are always good icebreakers. It doesn’t have to be elaborate: cheese, grapes, crackers or even sliced sandwiches, finger food is good. For drinks: tea, coffee or wine/beer/soft drinks as appropriate.
  • Music is a great ice breaker. Live music, if appropriate is especially helpful at drawing people in. If your business is more of an office environment, have computers set to a rotating powerpoint a slide show of interesting/meaningful photos.
  • Name Tags are nice, you get to recognize people’s face, but don’t have to ask their name when you really should know them by name.
  • Make it festive: balloons, signs, door prizes, giveaways, win a chance…Get a sheet cake with the logo or even a photo on it!
  • Have a “script” for your people to say when visitors tour and come into their area. Include facts and figures as well as interesting analogies… they are repeatable!!
  • Ribbon cutting ceremony, groundbreaking ceremony… if appropriate.
  • Hold a drawing each hour. Or plan door prizes to take home.

These are just of few ideas. If you’re really planning to celebrate an anniversary or create an open house, you might want to read the wonderful party planning book for businesses from Deborah Brown of All Write Ink.

Marketing with an Open House or a Grand Opening

2 thoughts on “Marketing with an Open House or a Grand Opening

  • Saturday, August 4, 2007 at 2:23 pm

    You continue to pave the way as bring all of your intelligences into the mix. This gives the capacity to connect with more people than if you limited yourself. Bravo!

  • Sunday, August 5, 2007 at 2:50 am

    The more memorable you make the event, the more your prospects and customers will remember both you and your business. Deborah Browns’s wonderful how-to manual makes that job easy. Simply model her system for a successful event!

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