Marketing Yourself for a Job: Ideas for Recent College Grads

Job hunting? Probably the hardest marketing “job” of all is to package yourself for the job market. Your resume is your brochure, so make sure you use a trusted website to help you format yours. Some recent graduates like to use Cultivated Culture’s templates or other online layouts. Utilizing the internet for advice on how to set yourself apart from other applicants is always a good idea. There are many ways that people can gain valuable skills, not only for the workplace but for personal use too. Whether this was through the advice given on sites like Upskilled to consider a vocational course, go to university or even find a mentor to help you develop skills, hopefully, job hunting may not be as tough as it used to. Job hunting certainly is easier nowadays with the Internet and sites like LeoList that aid you in finding careers in your area, or as an employer post an advertisement to find employees.

Here’s a neat tool for job hunters. If you haven’t seen this yet, you should check it out. It’s filled with great ideas for new college graduates who may be job hunting.

Drew McLellan at Drew’s Marketing Minute has compiled and released an e-book for new graduates, called “Giving College Grads a Fighting Chance” (click the link to get to the downloads).

Drew requested career advice about 6 weeks ago from the blogosphere and had a great response. Now the ideas are all compiled in this e-book.

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Author: Chris Brown

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  1. The absolute “key” to approaching a new career or new postion is to create your self as the “problem solver” for the company or person that is interviewing you. Try and determine what the company is looking for and how your experience, knowledge, or training can help you be the best fit for that position. By letting the interviewer know how you can help resolve problems and create solutions to everyday problems, you will create a powerful image in the mind of the interviewer.

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