Measuring Brand Awareness: Is your Brand Top-of-Mind in Your Target Market?

by Chris Brown on Tuesday, September 2, 2008

How do you measure Brand Awareness?  How can you find out how much awareness your target market has of your company’s brand?  Some people call this top of mind awareness.

There are 3 important steps.  First screen the people who are answer to make sure they are in your target market.  And you know which part of your target market. 

For example: If your target market is blog readers, you may want to segment your survey by geography, by activity (those who read blogs and those who also write blogs) or by profession.

The next step is to probe for aided and unaided awareness.  To create an Aided and Unaided survey, you start with Unaided:

“When thinking of blogs that speak to business professionals to help them with their branding and marketing, which blogs come to mind?”  _____ “What else?”  ____ “Any others?”  This is an example of unaided.

Then you prompt with competitor’s names and your name.

This is when you say next:  “Have you ever heard of Branding & Marketing?”  “Of InPageAds?”  “Of Blog ‘Til You Drop?” 

Then you go for the descriptions. How would you describe “Branding & Marketing?”  “InPageAd”  “Blog’Til You Drop?”

By the way… the answer “I don’t know” is not bad.  It’s easier to brand a blank slate than to change an unfavorable brand description.

For more infomation check out these resources:

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