PodCamp: Networking with Twitter, Using Sponsorships to Market and Building your Brand as a Presenter

As you know I went to PodCamp Columbus on Saturday (see the 2 preceeding posts) to learn more about creating podcasts for this blog.

It was a great time to learn more techy stuff — but of course I kept looking at it as a marketing person.

Networking with Twitter: The first info we saw walking up to the registration table was the #poc09 hash tag with instructions to use it with ever Twitter post.  This not only worked well at the event — you could see what people thought of different sessions live, and get up and move to another session if you thought you’d get more out of that one — but it works even better now that it’s over, because you can go back through Twitter and take the time to read comments and connect with others who were there.  I use the www.search.twitter.com feature and just plug in #pco09.  It’s very helpful because I didn’t get a chance to talk to many of the folks I would have liked to because of time constraints.

Using Sponsorships to Market Avitae water had the right idea. Give a free sample of energy drink water to 285 bloggers. And coupons. And have one of the product managers pitch the product to the group — founded by 2 OSU grads, (’02 and ’08), available in Krogers, only water and caffeine because all you need is hydration and energy, why add all those chemical additives? That’s what I remember from the pitch Saturday morning 48 hours later. Thanks for the sponsorship. (One suggestion, get rid of the flash on your home page or contain it. It may help get the gigo out of your search description in Google too!)

Building your Brand as a Presenter: Several really great presentations at Podcamp included PowerPoint or KeyNote visuals that were branded with the company or individual. Some of the best ones I saw included theramonnoodle and sparklegem (note the use of their twitter handles!). I also like the ones who used the #pco09 hashtag in Slideshare.net to tag their slides so I could find: Using FREE Software to Manipulate Images and Finding Music For Your Podcast.

By posting the slides after the presentation, the branding continues long after the event.

Anyone else at PodCamp Ohio have other observations?

Author: Chris Brown

Business owner operating a marketing consulting firm. Online Publisher. Keynote Speaker.