Putting it into Perspective… DID YOU KNOW…

Scott McLeod, author of Dangerously Irrelevant works at U of Minnesota. He put together this 60 or 90 minute lesson plan and posted it at his blog.

His Did You Know PowerPoint is extremely thought provoking

It puts the size and rapid growth of India and China into better perspective for me. Also helps me put into perspective how quickly things are changing. I can’t stop thinking about it.

UPDATE from Scott giving full credit to Karl Fisch who created the original presentation: available at: http://tinyurl.com/2fnysb

Read Scott McLeod’s entire post:

100% proficiency on old skills?
Here’s something if you have a 60- to 90-minute block of time with educators…
100% Proficiency on Old Skills? A Candid Conversation About the Demands of NCLB and Preparing Students for the New Economy
Step 1 –
download the handout (jot a few notes)
Step 2 – watch
Did You Know? (6:05) (become a little overwhelmed)
Step 3 –
see the slides and listen to the podcast (34:20) (challenge the status quo)
Step 4 – watch
UPDATED: DID YOU KNOW (1:32) (remain hopeful)
Step 5 – start discussing
Step 6 – hand out either the
short version or the long version as a take-away
Step 7 – share widely!
P.S. This presentation is better than
the one I did last week.

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