Ranking the Best Brands in the World

Best Global Brands Report 2006 ranked the top brands in the world.

Each year Interbrand, in cooperation with BusinessWeek, releases the report. From the introduction:

Creating simple, but powerful differentiation in the minds of your customers, your staff, indeed all of your stakeholders, requires a clear and compelling vision that is expressed in everything you do: from product to service, through environments, to the people you hire and the way you talk about yourself.

What are the principles that guide and govern to global brands? According to this report:

  • Recognition
  • Consistency
  • Emotion
  • Uniqueness
  • Adaptability
  • Management

This list is by no means finite. there are many other factors that must be considered, including superior products, processes, and people; a strong track record of being customer0centric in the country of origin; uncompromised ethical practices; and continual focus on creativity and innovation.

How does your brand rate on these factors?

In 2005’s report the top 5 brands were: Coca-cola, Microsoft, IBM, GE and Intel. In the 2006 report the top 5 are: Coca-cola, Microsoft, IBM, GE and Intel. InterBrand’s ranking is financially based.

Hat tip to Blackfriar’s Marketing out of Massachusetts. Carl Howe recently posted about BrandChannel’s ranking of the brands as a popularity contest. BrandChannels top brands: Google, Apple, YouTube, Wikipedia, Starbucks.

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