SOBCon’07 – Takeaways and Lessons Learned

5 Lessons from SOBCon from Dr. Tammy Lenski of I Can’t Say That:

  • The anticipation of getting outside of your comfort zone is worse than actually doing it
  • Your thinking and creativity improves when you get out of your usual space
  • It’s not about getting agreement, it’s about starting a conversation
  • Improv is easier when you’re prepared
  • Generosity of the spirit is viral

5 SOB Con Takeaways from Phil Gerbyshak the Relationship Geek:

  • Smiles and Hugs are powerful medicine
  • Knowledge Sharing is the Life to Live
  • I’m a Publisher, NOT a Blogger
  • Open the door and let ’em in

2 SOB takeaways from Chris Cree of SuccessCreeations:

  • Keep your customers first and your chances of success go way up
  • Branding is Important (with apologies to Christine Kane)

The actions speak louder than Words Award goes to Todd And of who made the trek to SOBCon just days short of the arrival of the newest member of the family! Congratulations Dad! (Sorry I never got the photo with you & me, Mike Sansone, but I guess we needed more networking time! Here’s a nice one of you and Todd.)

3 Take aways from SOBCon ’07 from Dauwd Miracle:

  • Speakers: Read my post on David Armano’s talk.
  • Folks in the room: The biggest thing I took away is how much bloggers really want to help each other. It’s genuine, sincere and oft-practiced.
  • Site Critique: Two major things…First, be really clear on who you are, what you’re doing and who you do it for. In other words, branding. Second, Pay very close attention to what “above the fold.” Your most important content should be above the fold. There’s much more, but these are two major ones.

My biggest takeaways and lessons learned? I’ve realized that I’m
writing to real people and building relationships. To me, photos help to make it real.

So I send One Big question out to everyone at SOBCon’07: What did you hope to learn, but didn’t?

Author: Chris Brown

Business owner operating a marketing consulting firm. Online Publisher. Keynote Speaker.

3 thoughts on “SOBCon’07 – Takeaways and Lessons Learned”

  1. Hi Chris. Thanks for posting the photos. I miss everyone.

    What did I hope to learn by didn’t…huh? My expectations had more to do with building and deepening relationships than what I learned. There were lots of people I would have loved to talk to and didn’t. But the person highest on that list is Liz. Sure we talked a bit. But I was hoping for some lengthy, juicy, deep conversation.

    Oh, and I didn’t learn what your decision was for moving to WordPress.

  2. Hey there, Chris, thanks for including my takeaways in the list. It was a great idea to compile our various and varied learnings into one list and it allowed me just to stand back for a moment and absorb it all again.

    I also love your question, what did you hope to learn, but didn’t? Hmmm…I actually tried to ground myself before the conference by creating a short list of the things I hoped to learn (ah, the teacher in me). I just went back to it, thanks to your good question, and see that all the items on my list were covered during the conference and that I made substantial headway in those learnings. So, the short answer: There’s nothing that I hoped to learn and didn’t.

    But I bet that by the time SOBCon ’08 rolls around, I’ll have a new set of hoped-for learnings!

  3. Great grouping of learnings. Thanks for including mine.

    What did I want to learn but didn’t? Perhaps more technical stuff, like how to get inspired to make really cool graphics like David Armano and Sandy Renshaw do, or why to use WordPress over TypePad or Blogger (which seemed to be what many said, but never shared why).

    The relationships were well worth missing these little missings. I’m hoping many of the folks that went to SOBCon will share more of their secrets. Actually, now that the conference is over, I realize all I have to do is ask them, and they’ll tell me :)

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