Starting and Running Your Business – Lessons from Other Entrepreneur Journeys

I find it very inspiring and interesting to hear about how other entrepreneurs started their business and how they all seem to have different small profitable business ideas. How did they get the idea? How did they build their team? Where did they get the money? What was their background? What did they learn along the way? What would they have done differently?

These are some of the questions asked and answered in Entreprenuer Journeys – volume 1 by Sramana Mitra. I was captivated by the stories of taking on giants… of bootstrapping … of addressing unmet market needs. The world of business is certainly interesting, if not terrifying! All the talk of creating businesses, such as to start a recruitment agency, is admirable with the way people build their way up in their careers

It’s amazing how many entrepreneurs become serial entrepreneurs — taking what they’ve learned from one experience and adding that to their bag of tricks to open a new company. I don’t know if I could do what these entrepreneurs do every day, as well as the hard mentality they must have to get through a day of professional business. This is why I love this book, where I can live through a business guru’s life without the stress of doing it myself! I loved the feeling afterward of believing that I had the potential to open my own business (although I most definitely did not!). Nevertheless, it certainly isn’t an easy life for these guys but it is definitely a rewarding path. Well done all you guys and girls out there who run the world of business!

Author: Chris Brown

Business owner operating a marketing consulting firm. Online Publisher. Keynote Speaker.

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