Do You Market from Your Customers’ Viewpoint?

Do your customers see what you see? Probably not. Unless your monitor is set to the same resolution and you use the same browser.

When you review your online marketing materials, what browser do you use? If you’re like my company’s customers, you’re probably on IE 6.0 or maybe 7.0.

What about screen resolution? Again if you are like the traffic that comes to my company’s website, you are probably using a 1024 x 768. But what do your readers use?

You probably know which browser you use, but do you know what your screen set to? (If you don’t know how to check it, try this: from the Start Menu, go to Control Panel. Click Display. Select settings tab.)

Don’t be fooled thinking everyone sees what you see. I suggest that you find out what your customers use and change your settings to reflect their settings.

Do you know what browser and resolution graphic designers use most? Engineers? Sales people?

Please feel free to chime in with comments, I’d like to understand this whole thing better because I know it changes over time. For instance, about 6 months ago, Firefox was just a blip on my radar. If you have additional info or questions, please comment!!

Are business executives over 40 years old more likely or less likely to use 800 x 600