4 Inexpensive Ways of Marketing Your Own Business

Looking for a low cost, or almost “no cost” way to market your business? Are you wanting to find ways to save money for your business? Then keep on reading, you’ll find loads of helpful tips on how to save money for your business. Did you also realise that there are loads of other ways that you could save money such as using a company like Simply Switch to help make sure that you are using the cheapest business energy provider. It’s not the most important thing that you need to think about, but it also means that you’ll save some money and be able to use it for something else on your business. Why not use this extra cash on your new marketing idea? If you’re just starting out or you’re running a business after coming home from your “real” job, you’ll be interested in the tools and techniques that Crystal uses to market her business.

Crystal Robinson, a Bodyshaping Consultant, is marketing her own business called “Slimmer Within” with a tag line “Experience the Magic.”

She also works a full time job as a Market Manager at a savings and loan company, but runs her own company during nights and weekends by holding “transformations” and doing direct sales. When her business eventually grows bigger, she might want to look into active directory monitoring to ensure her company’s users and computers are functioning correctly. Hopefully, her business will become her full-time job soon. When that happens, she’ll probably need more staff helping her out, which is where using software, like active directory, would be beneficial. For now though, she’s just focusing on growing her business up to that stage.

How can she find the time to market her business? She does a lot of things right! She’s got several key marketing features of a direct sales business and she’s doing a great job with them:

  1. Website
  2. e-mail
  3. Promotions
  4. Business cards

How does she do all that?

She’s an intelligent business woman with a head for business and I suspect that she’s been given good direction by the manufacturer of her products. And she’s working the program. Let me explain.

Website: She used GoDaddy to buy her domain, host it and created a GoDaddy Website Tonight. Looks like she signed up for the 5 page plan with free hosting and email for $3.99 a month when you sign up for 3 years. It’s a simple website but it really does the trick for someone who needs an inexpensive web presence.

She has her phone number and email easily accessible from the website so it is easy for someone to contact her. The only way I can tell is that it’s a familiar template and the little GoDaddy symbol on the bottom of the page. My guess is there is a way to remove it, because I know Microsoft Live Office’s free website tool has a button to click to remove their logo as well.

Email:Also through GoDaddy. And I think it was set up recently because she didn’t print her email address on the business cards, but she made a point to tell me her address. Also her website says c 2009… We’re in the third month of 2009, but just barely.

Promotions: Her business cards say Bring a Friend and receive a free give & 30% off boutique purchase on the back. The card also has a date, time and location for a “transformation”. Anyone who has ever done direct selling knows that the only phrase that is more powerful than “Bring a Friend” for increasing sales is “Who do you know that would like to earn additional income?” for recruiting downlines.

Years ago it would have been called a party with party plans, but transformation where you lose 3 sizes in 10 minutes is pretty powerful! For those doing shows as a retail medium, calling it something besides a “party” is a good idea. And what woman could resist “transformation!”

Business Cards: She’s good at getting business cards into other people’s hands without saying “you need my product”. Friendly, happy and proud of her business, she’s got charisma when she hands them out saying you may know a friend who would be interested. I imagine her business will do well.

Her actual business card is very good for a “homemade” card. Since my company creates corporate identity as one of our services, I tend to be too critical. Very slight perforation ridges give away that these were printed on an inkjet or laser printer I picked the best one for my home office. Four color with a good layout and copy and before and after photos, either she’s really great with Microsoft Publisher or the manufacturer of the slimming garments provides good templates. Especially when you attend networking events, having business cards to hand out is essential. You never know who you could meet. Maybe they can help turn your business in a success and help you solve any problems you may have. If you are new to the business world, maybe having a mentor may help. With companies implementing the use of mentoring software to help improve the productivity, skills and knowledge in the workplace, you may get a mentor who can give you the contacts you need to effectively market your business. There’s no harm in asking.

How to Improve On Her Marketing:
One tell-tale clue that her website and email are new: the www.slimmerwithin.com or crystal @ slimmerwithin.com does appear on the card, only her phone number. That’s the one area I would suggest that she change on her cards. Note: her email just bounced back to me… a flaw in her system. Hopefully just a temporary glitch.

In my opinion, Crystal Robinson has done a great job of getting her direct sales business launched. Can it be improved – of course, who can’t improve? But I think other direct sales consultants (or independent sales consultants as they are called now) could learn some strong, low cost marketing techniques from her!

To the direct sales consultants who read this blog: What other low cost tools do you use to market your business? Please leave a comment.