Branding Yourself Online – Check Your Social Media User Name Availability

Do you struggle with branding yourself on line? As a branding expert, I find social media challenging from a branding standpoint in that my name means something totally different to about 99% of the population under 30. (In case you’re over 30 and have been living under a rock, Chris Brown is an extremely popular hip hop, R&B singer/entertainer.)

Imagine my delight when I found a website that can check, in just seconds, the availablity of user names on social media sites. helps you find out where your username is registered and checks user name availablity across multiple websites very quickly. UPDATE 3/2509 – UserNameCheck site is down with a placeholder from godaddy holding it’s spot. Too ba, it was a cool ap! Does anyone know of a similar site? thanks!

That said, I’ve decided to change my Twitter branding from CMcBrown to ChrisBrown330 which is both my area code & my birthday… I didn’t realize that it was so easy to change my name: Change your Twitter user name anytime without affecting your existing updates, @replies, direct messages, or other data. After changing it, make sure to let your followers know so you’ll continue receiving all of your messages with your new user name.

Hat tip to Norma Rist for telling me about it and TechSpikes for helping me find the link.