How Important Is It to Keep Your Website Up to Date?

I visited a website of a business this morning that has some old information on it:

  • the old address from before they moved
  • an email address and photo of an employee that is long gone
  • and event information from a date passed but written like it will be a future event

Perhaps you have encountered the same situation.  What’s your feeling about that?  Forgivable?  Or does it need to be spit-spot with complete accuracy?

To me, it seems a little sloppy, but forgivable in this case, based on the type of business that particular company conducted.

I realize not all companies have their website converted over to a content management system. They still have to rely on getting an email to their webmaster asking for an update. Each time the webmaster goes on the site, there is a fee associated with it, so many businesses decide they will gang up their changes all at once.  So I can understand why the sales & marketing manager decided to have a website that is not up to date.  But still… are they mailing out information on old letterhead? Probably not.

I wonder how much business is lost because things aren’t up-to-date and look sloppy?  Wonder how much business they have lost because someone mapquested the old address and once they got there, couldn’t find the business?

What are your thoughts on keeping your company’s website up to date?