Timing is Everything with Marketing

A new baby.  A wedding. A new house. A college graduation.

The new budget/line of credit.  A new CEO.  A technology breakthrough.  A relocation.

In both the consumer market and the B-B market, change equals opportunity.  Many purchases, happen in anticipation of the change and many more happen just after the change. 

Although change can be uncomfortable for many, planning for change can be a win/win for your marketing program.  Think about when your customer is most likely to need your product or service?  How can you find out when they may be ready to learn about your offer?  What do they read, listen to, attend?  Who do they consult with before making a choice?

Timing is very important in marketing, but it doesn’t have to be a surprise.

Author: Chris Brown

Business owner operating a marketing consulting firm. Online Publisher. Keynote Speaker.

One thought on “Timing is Everything with Marketing”

  1. Chris,
    One marketing-related activity where timing is vital concerns public relations. I continually encounter business people who forget this important point and fail to tell the world their news in a timely fashion. It’s much easier to pitch a news release when it’s tied to a recent or upcoming event than when it happened weeks ago. Many journalists live by the adage, “There’s nothing older than yesterday’s news.” Translated into a marketing context, that means remember the PR value of your promotions, announcements, etc. and time their release to the media accordingly.

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