Twitter Launches Refreshed Brand. What Does This Mean to Marketers?

Old Twitter (above) compared to New Twitter (below)

Have you seen the new Twitter?

Two weeks ago, Twitter posted a teaser video on YouTube announcing the “new” Twitter and began rolling it out to their 160 million users.

Yesterday it went live for me.

With a major refresh to the programming, it was the perfect time for them to update their branding:

  • Re-engineered site positioned to be faster, easier and more immediate
  • Two equal sized columns give a “new window” format instead of one column with a side bar
  • The new user interface window allows improved visual interaction. You can see pictures and videos in second column without opening a new tab, so its more streamlined
  • My favorite update: Easier to view the response threads (I like this feature!)
  • Easier to check saved searches
  • Quick way to view who is mentioned in a tweet, a quick look at the photo and what they talk about before deciding to follow someone
  • Extensive keyboard shortcuts to rely less on using a mouse, more focus on search box, emphasis on retweets
  • 16 media partners: Dailybooth, DeviantArt, Etsy, Flickr, Justin.TV, Kickstarter, Kiva, Photozou, Plixi, Twitgoo, TwitPic, Twitvid, USTREAM, Vimeo, Yfrog, and YouTube.  (How come I am familiar with only 8 of these! And I thought I was “keeping up”!)

So how did Twitter execute their rebranding launch?

  • New logo is simplier
  • Offered a teaser video on YouTube on Sept 14
  • Posted the promo video re-edited in Spanish
  • Got the buzz stirring “what will the new Twitter be?  (Some folks guessed that they’d go public, others thought we’d get more than 140 characters.)
  • Promoted thru PR with video interviews with the CEO on PBS, Bloomberg among others

Here’s a 4 minute video overview of the changes with the Product Manager at Twitter narrating:

What does the new Twitter Mean for Marketers?

I believe there are several parts to address:

  1. You’ll need to revise your branded Twitter backgrounds because the new size means less room for the background.
  2. More emphasis on your avatar or photo and the information in your profile.  Make sure the bio is completed and you have a photo that represents your branding!
  3. With easier marketing from video and pictures, I imagine you’ll get more click thru on the links.  If you haven’t been tweeting your YouTube or Vimeo videos and pictures on Flickr or TwitPic, consider adding this visual dimension to your tweets.  The communication just got more robust/involving/richer.  Time to get over your video shyness.
  4. There are 16 partner websites for video and photos, so you’ll want to make sure you have posted your content on one or more of those 16 (also includes UStream so if you want to have a web cam on an event like a webinar this could get interesting!)
  5. If you’re using the advertising of promoted tweets, the new redesign provides more “real estate” for your ads.
  6. I’m not sure how the redesign will effect the folks how use the Twitter Clients for tweeting. (50% of Twitter users use rather than the other Twitter clients like TweetDeck, Twhirl, HootSuite etc.) Let me know how you think that this redesign will effect the Twitter experience on these sites.

Author: Chris Brown

Business owner operating a marketing consulting firm. Online Publisher. Keynote Speaker.

5 thoughts on “Twitter Launches Refreshed Brand. What Does This Mean to Marketers?”

  1. I have more than one Twitter account and I finally clicked on the New Twitter button and was a bit surprised that half my background disappeared with the change. I’m going to wait on my other accounts…one should be alright with the background I am using, but the third one would be completely ruined if I were to change it.

  2. I switched out one of my Twitter account backgrounds, but I’m not happy with it. Just not used to the new “real estate” of where to put the branding.

    Also when I talked with some of my business associates yesterday afternoon, many of them are still on the old Twitter… and my new background looks bad in the old format.

    Thanks for commenting!

  3. Hi Chris…
    Since I typically don’t use… great post! I like the redesign as it makes it more functions and more “all-in-one” so you don’t really have to bounce around the site too much with the inclusion of the 2nd window. IMHO, excellent evolution to make the site less rudimentary and more user friendly. As I use tweetdeck… I’m not sure how the change will effect my tweet habits/behaviors. Maybe it will bring me back to the site from the deck… maybe it won’t. Not sure. :)

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