Twitter Tips for Business: 24 Slides of “How To”

Does Twitter work for business?  You bet. 

Wondering how to apply this social media to your marketing and sales program?  If so, you’ll want to review this 24 slide program from Jason Davey.

Thanks Jason! I especially love slide 16 with the search operators for Twitter. There are some here I wasn’t aware of but will start using.

You can follow him on Twitter @JasonDavey or just take a look at his tweets by visiting his Jason Davey Twitter home page

Author: Chris Brown

Business owner operating a marketing consulting firm. Online Publisher. Keynote Speaker.

5 thoughts on “Twitter Tips for Business: 24 Slides of “How To””

  1. Chris,

    Good presentation but I’m still a bit skeptical that many people are actually using Twitter for business marketing purposes successfully. Are there really vast, quantifiable cases that can show a positive ROI for business?

  2. Dave:
    I see Twitter as a marketing media, not a sales closer. It’s a way for people to search and find. Or follow you for a while before making an in person or email connection. In my opinion, marketing is the series of steps a person takes before entering the sales cycle. It’s part of building awareness and increasing interest. Not part of closing the sale.
    As far as a definite case study, I know that there are “tweet chats” where people follow a #hashtag group at a certain time to discuss things in a small group with a coach who delivers content. The people in the group may be part of a monthly coaching retainer.

    Again, this wouldn’t be a sales roi but more of a piece of service delivery.

    Just because you can’t close a sale on Twitter, or don’t, doesn’t mean it isn’t valuable to a business. Many business websites are still just “brochure ware” that allow a potential customer to learn more. But I think you would agree that even a brochure type website has positive ROI if executed correctly.



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