Using Graphic Design to Brand Yourself in Twitter

One unifying element of successful Web2.0 social media applications is the ability to customize and personalize your experience.

Twitter is no different. This provides an opportunity for branding yourself on Twitter by using custom colors and graphics on your Twitter page background. Clever photos or animation of your face. A billboard of your contact information.

What does the graphics on your twitter page say about you? Much like the template of a powerpoint, header on a website or blog, or the look of letterhead, more and more Twitter pages are getting their own branding.

Add contact info:
Note the LinkedIn, Facebook and email addresses.
Add branding ques:
Check out the tag lines and color palettes of the Twitterer.
Test it on different computers:
Of course every monitor resolution and every browser delivers a different view of the page, so custom Twitter pages beware! I like John Heaney’s but my browser sets the Twitter in the middle of the page, leaving a gutter on the right and covering the letterhead on the left.I’m sure I’m not the only one with this view, 1024 x 768. I think my screen in the office is set to 1280 x 800. Still has the centering problem.

Even with the various branding and design challenges, I think it is worthwhile to brand yourself or your business on Twitter if you are planning to use it to build awareness and market your services, products or expertise.

Who do you know that has an awesome Twitter page? Leave a link in the comments box.

Author: Chris Brown

Business owner operating a marketing consulting firm. Online Publisher. Keynote Speaker.

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