Want to Position Your Company for Success?

Are you in the midst of preparing a brand strategy to position your company for growth and success?

Then you know that the first step is to educate your customers? — NOT!
The first step is to pick a positioning? — NOT!

I disagree with this video. Don’t you? (It’s only 1 minute long.)

Okay, maybe I agree with the last 11 words in this video, but other than that I think that positioning has nothing to do with this. You?

So if it’s not picking a position or educating customers, what’s the first step in positioning your business for success?

Brand Positioning Starts with Research

I think that positioning, a brand, a company or a product, must begin with research.  Other marketing experts agree:

There are two realities to consider: One is where you or the client wants to position the product. And the other is how the buying public actually positions the product in their minds.

If you’ve been in business for a while, that business has been “pigeon-holed” by the folks who know something about your company…. They judge you, rank you, classify you, accept or dismiss you on the basis of their perceptions.

Appropriately positioning your business enables you to communicate a meaningful, relevant message to clients and prospects and establishes you as an “expert” in your field. First, you must know and understand your market as well as the competition, their strengths and their focus. Then you can determine the most profitable place to position your business in relation to others in that market.

Client feedback can be a great tool you should utilize to learn how to best position your business to improve your bottom line.

How are you planning to position your business now that the economic recovery is starting? Are you working on researching your current customers & employees?  What about the potential customers?

Author: Chris Brown

Business owner operating a marketing consulting firm. Online Publisher. Keynote Speaker.

3 thoughts on “Want to Position Your Company for Success?”

  1. Chris, I was told by a friend that Macintosh was the best and most user friendly of computers. So I purchased one and found it to be very user friendly and extremely tops with graphics and graphic applications such as making excellent movies from my videos.

    How much do you think word-of-mouth “marketing” influences our perceptions of a product?


  2. Robyn:
    Great question. Word of mouth, either positive or negative, has a very strong influence over perceptions. I First impressions are key as well. I have 2 Macs at work, both were clean, easy and well thought out… right out of the box. What was your first impression?

  3. Creating referrers should be the first and foremost marketing strategy. I have used it many times. People tell me how useful that product was and I checked it out only to come back with the item purchased.

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