Why so few posts? Moving to WordPress

I’ve had several inquiries why I have been posting as much as usual. The straight answer is that I’ve been planning and working on my blog’s move to its own domain in WordPress. As with many other websites, once they mature enough, it only seems natural that they have their own dedicated domain name. See this article here to learn how other businesses and startups have gone about acquiring their ideal domain names and what the true cost of doing so is. They can be highly valuable so it’s important to choose carefully and then guard and protect it as you would any other asset, once it’s yours.

Although many folks assured me how “easy” it is, I somehow can’t get out of my own way. Probably because I want the cake and eat it too… not just a simple blog. And I’m trying to do it myself so I can learn and understand what I did and how I did it. Apart from reading how to use wordpress on several websites such as Blogging.org, I also embarked on a video watching spree on YouTube.

It’s just I’m not as patient with myself as I am with other people (or maybe I’m just not patient period!!)

Anyway, I’ve been spending my “blogging time” researching and moving things, making mistakes and undoing things.

Some of the headway:
1) picking out a domain name
2) picking out a host
3) registering it
4) uploading (or is it downloading) WordPress
5) Backing up the blog
6) Watching a couple videos from other people who did it (oh, so easily!! click click!)
7) Reading a bunch ‘0 posts explaining how bad & frustrating Blogger is compared to the ease and flexibility of WordPress. (yeah, right)
8) Setting up a database (why do I need a database again? and what’s a SQL server?)
9) Trying to figure out what page I go to to log in. That’s where I’m stuck now. Seems silly doesn’t it? I’ll figure it out in another 10 minutes.

Seems like every decision has ramifications… and by luck I guessed a few of them correctly. As a marketing person, I’ve stretched my IT language about as far as it goes and back again.

I reminds me of playing tuba in the marching band in college. I started playing tuba in high school because I went to a small school and most of the boys were on the football team and the ones who weren’t mothers wouldn’t let them play because people got hurt on our team. We were in the wrong division I think… Some seasons were zero wins and there were always kids carted off in the ambulance. In 7th grade, one boy died on the field. but I digress.

Anyway I played tuba in high school but never learned to play bass clef. I was actually a tenor sax/ bari sax player. So I watched everyone else’s fingers and memorized the music, thinking treble clef all the time. Tuba is pretty easy, carrying it is the hard part!

In college it caught up with me. The squad leader was a music major. Worse, a tuba music major. And wow, he was so serious. I was having trouble getting by during marching band season. There was a group of us that were taking band for “fun” and I remember him shouting at us, “NO!! Major Triads! Major Triads!”

That’s how I feel today when I read and re-read the “Easy Installations: 5-minute install” — It’s like someone shouting Major Triads! Like that is clear as mud.

Yesterday I walked away from the computer in disgust and watched people working out to lose weight on tv… while I was laying on the couch being a couch potato instead of going to the gym to work off some of the stress incurred from trying to switch to wordpress. Grumble, grumble.

I have been planning this switch since last May when I went to SOBCon ’07. Or maybe planning is the right word, I just decided, I didn’t really plan. And when I saw that Terry Starbucker switched just recently… and of course Matt Collier switched a long time ago. Well that sealed it. I’m pretty sure Robyn at Brain Based Biz is thinking about it if she hasn’t already because she’s got a different program doing her comments in blogger (I hate how no one can seem to leave comments without some special deal in blogger.) Maybe everyone else got help.

Ok. Enough rambling. Enough top of mind reminiscing.

Oh yeah. The guy that died on the field, it was a brain aneurysm… not really anything to do with football, but we were all traumatized for a long time. He was a senior — a star player — and I was a 7th grader & he sat across the table from me in study hall. They ended up naming the football field for him.

Happy new year.

Author: Chris Brown

Business owner operating a marketing consulting firm. Online Publisher. Keynote Speaker.

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  1. Jeffry:
    Thanks for the tip — worked like a charm. And now I see that little login link in the bottom right corner too! I think when I start to feel frustrated the curious gene turns off and the blind gene kicks in! Thanks for the support!

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