Writing tips for Marketing and Branding – from SOBCon

I was at SOBCon ’08 in Chicago this weekend and have met some amazing people!

Decided I couldn’t avoid Twitter anymore. I’m at twitter.com/cmcbrown (update: http://twitter.com/chrisbrown330 )

The session Saturday was so packed full of ideas that inspired me and lightbulb moments that my brain was numb by the close of the session.

Here are highlights from Chris Garrett from Chrisg.com

Chris Garrett is also the co author of the book ProBlogger Secrets for Blogging your Way to a Six-Figure Income with Darren Rowse.  The book was one of the free handouts at the event.  Chris gave us some awesome practical ideas for working your writing:

  • “Content is the hardest, don’t lose your ideas.”
  • Mind mapping is a great way to expand your ideas.  Circle your subject. Branch out with first sub themes that occur to you.  Add subthemes to those.
  • Keep a blogging notebook – he suggests a moleskin. Especially great for commuting. Jot down ideas wherever you are or you’ll lose the idea
  • “A really good question is better than a really good statement!” If you say everything there is to be said, no one will have anything to add to the conversation.
  • Revisit topics over and over again, don’t be afraid to repeat yourself but add a new perspective. Revisit your old posts and look at it from a slightly different way.
  • He had great visuals which I’ll add when I get back home (writing from the hotel right now) but he forgot to brand his slides with his logo, URL and phone number.
  • Liked his Rubber Ducking principle if you have to write quickly: Hold the rubber duck in your hand and say: I want to write a post about ___________ and this is important because 1_______, 2________ and 3________. Of course the duck doesn’t answer, but now you write what you told the duck.
  • He inspired the 5 minute post writing
  • Suggests using a monthly calendar especially if your work with others
  • Some of his great resources: mind managerScribefire.  Skitch -screen capture for MAC. Blog bridge – download your feeds for offline reading. Skype recorder is a great way to do podcasts or just record your interviews to capture everything in a meeting when you’re trying to interview and take notes at the same time.  Use Firefox for quick searches of a site. He suggests that we check out Crowdstatus.com too.
  • Great quote at the end of his presentation: “Simplicity is the achievement of Maximum effect with Minimum means.” Dr. Koichi Kawana

Chris Garrett – thanks for making the trip from the UK to Chicago to deliver a 20 minute presentation.  Your presentation was one that so many of us will put into action right away.  What am I leaving out??!

Author: Chris Brown

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11 thoughts on “Writing tips for Marketing and Branding – from SOBCon”

  1. Hey Chris,
    It was great to see you again this year, wish we had more time to talk but everything was in a whirlwind.
    But you knew that already, huh?
    And isn’t Chrisg just such a nice guy? And smart too.

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  3. @ Joe: Nice to see you too! What a great event!

    @ Liz: You really pulled off another fantastic meet up. Thanks for all your efforts.

    @ Karen: I’m trying to limit my Twitter time already. Yikes, it is addicting, isn’t it? I haven’t inserted Twhirl onto the desktop yet. Just a matter of time. What about Tmemes (is that right?) do you use those?

    @ Chris – you are very humble, but I think you should brand yourself a little more. Especially since there are two Chris Garrett’s in the UK that blog. I say this because “Chris Brown” is a VERY popular name. (no I’m not the singer, ha ha) When people want to find you, it’s frustrating for them.

  4. I was so thrilled when Liz told me Chris was coming to the conference as a speaker. I’m so glad that there were so many excellent “Chris” folks there, too. It was a Chris weekend. :D

    Thanks for being such a special part of my SOBCon experience. It was totally amazing and I’m still processing my own lessons learned.

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