What does conversation mean in Web2.0?? Have social networking sites and social media sites changed the way we communicate.? Texts over the phone and tweets from the desktop… is that conversation? Are phones even part of Web2.0?

In the recently published The Age of Conversation: Why Don’t They Get It?, these questions are asked. This title is a bit confusing… who is “they”? And what is “it”?  They meaning everyone else who isn’t blogging, doing social media, living just a regular life? “It” meaning connecting, the value, the importance?

Lewis Green, one of the authors, recently wondered “aloud” — although without making a sound other than keyboard clicks — how this can be the AGE OF CONVERSATION… when we’re not really talking. I guess the word “conversation has taken a whole new meaning.

Just like in “real life” I find that many see a conversation as just one sided. Them talking. You listening. That’s about as interesting as meeting a person at a networking event who just wants to tell you about their career, their house, their hobbies, their vacation, their kids, etc without ever asking a question to anyone else.

Web2.0 applications ask a question or start a sentence with an open ending to get people “talking”:
Twitter: What are you doing?
LinkedIn: What are you working on? Christine (Chris) is… (fill in the blank)
Other sites start out with a statement: WordPress: “Hello World!”

What’s the the best way to get started in social media and social networking if you haven’t yet? Some say “jump right in.” I think the folks who are comfortable jumping have already jumped. But if you’re more careful and want to learn more about what “conversation” really means in 2009, you might be interested in this collaborative book.

To really find out, you’ll have to read the book — just like in real life, there are a lot of angles and opinions, you see: These 237 authors collaborated to create the Age of Conversation 2: Why Don’t They Get It. Each one wrote a page chapter on these subjects:

    Keeping Secrets in the Age of Conversation
    Moving from Conversation to Action?
    The Accidental Marketer
    A New Brand of Creative
    My Marketing Tragedy
    Business Model Evolution
    Life in the Conversation Lane

To learn more about this new kind of conversation, you may want to purchase the book at Lulu on demand publishing and select your choice: Softbound. Download. Hardbound.

A word to my readers who are outside the USA – shipping calculations have been very odd for the hardbound book. I recommend the softbound or download!

So, I ask the question:
How are you engaged in the age of conversation? Where? Do you tweet on Twitter, befriend on Facebook or link on LinkedIn?

Wwhat you’re working on, thinking about or doing right now? What is your conversation?

Are we having a Conversation? What does that MEAN?
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2 thoughts on “Are we having a Conversation? What does that MEAN?

  • Tuesday, January 27, 2009 at 12:07 am

    Hi Chris,
    I’m trying to learn about Twitter. Several key questions that i have are very basic….Like the old tune: “What is it good for!” So far my impression is that it’s good for build links…My kid knows all about Twitter, but he does not have time to talk to me about it. :-).
    I’ll be back.

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