Does Your Website Have the SSL Secure Sockets Layer Installed?

SSL Secure Sockets Layer – If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you probably don’t have it. But now you need it.

SSL Secure Sockets Layer

It never used to be a big deal, unless you were actually selling something from your website.  I’m talking about the “S” in HTTPS:// or the “Secure” in the Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure.

In August 2014 Google announced the addition of https:// as a “ranking signal” but it really seems to have come into play now. Even as recently as March 2016 Wired magazine said that: Most top Websites Don’t Use SSL

But now it is a big deal. Try using an S in your http:// so it reads (and substitute your company’s domain where the words yourdomain appear.

Can’t find the site?

SSL Secure Sockets Layer

It’s because you need to add an SSL certificate to your domain. SSL stands for “Secure Sockets Layer”. More explanation here:

Looks like it’s time to buy some SSL certificates. Chrome, Firefox and Edge will block your site if searched using the HTTPS:// in the browser. It will be important for the marketing credibility of your website.

Social Media Marketing isn’t Rocket Science. However…

Multi-tasking often means mistakes!

Many companies do their own social media marketing and don’t outsource to a marketing firm. There’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, doing your own marketing in house is much more authentic.

But if you’re adding social media marketing ON TOP of your other tasks, it’s like driving and texting. A dangerous combination.

Case in point, the La La Land / Moonlight Best Picture Award situation at the Oscars the other night.  Now it looks like tweeting distracted the person who was supposed to be handing the envelopes to the emcees.

How could this have been avoided?  Bring someone else to do the live tweeting when you have an important job to do.

When the TV Watches You…

I know that we marketers love information. The more information about our audience, the better. But the idea of having the TV watch me… down to are my eyes closed? Mouth open?

Well, it’s a little creepy. More than 7500 people in Boston, Dallas-Ft Worth & Chicago have said “Okay, TVision can watch us.”  And thousands have said okay to RealityMine as well.

It’s more than what I would feel comfortable with. I don’t even like Alexa in my house listening.

That said, I had to check out the most attentive shows for January 2017.

Why Content Marketing is So Important to Your 2017 Online Visibility

  • Everyone knows that content marketing is important. It seems everywhere I look there is lots of discussion about it. Content marketing provides a number of things to your company’s visibility on the internet. It helps
  • to establish credibility
  • to get noticed
  • to help attract the search engine results
  • to present your marketing message in a way that is helpful to your potential clients and customers.

Not sure what is content marketing? Let’s break it down simply first:

Content – articles, stories, tweets, headlines, information, photos, videos – all focused on a specific topic of interest to a company’s intended target audience. (My favorite for B-B marketing are case studies and white papers talking about positive solutions to problems. My least favorite – when people forget and post something political.)

Marketing – the effort to attract the target audience… as well as inform, influence and persuade the audience to feel, think and do. (Take action- call, email or click.)

Everyone has an opinion it seems, but here are some links to thought leaders in the content marketing space:

Joe Pulizzi, a key leader of the content marketing movement and founder of  the Content Marketing institute has an awesome blog all about Content Marketing.

Mack Collier, content marketing innovator and Social Media consultant offers solid advice for marketers and companies working on their messaging strategy. (Thanks Mack for your recent email reminding me again not to post anything political in my social media feed because I’ll make 75% of the audience mad at me. It is a good reminder!!)

JHB from the UK offers this cool infographic cocktail recipe for Content Marketing:
Other thoughts on the subject:
Tips for a Rock solid Content Marketing Strategy
Content Marketing Trends for 2017
Why 2017 is the year of Content Marketing?

Stay tuned – I’m working on the next article about the content marketing editorial calendar. Got a tip or tool? Send it to me and maybe I’ll feature it in the article!