Marketing your business using QR Tags with Tag readersAre you using QR tags for your marketing? You know, the QR codes that smartphones can scan by taking a photo and then the phone goes to a website or business card or phone number?

Now is the time to learn about marketing your business, product or service with these tags.

It’s easy to make the tag code:

How do you market or distribute the tags?

After you have your code, there’s lots of ways to distribute it.

I see codes in the Sunday FSI ads in the newspapers and on some websites.

I predict that soon we’ll see them on T-shirts, mugs and baseball hats.

How do you put a QR code onto a product?

Maybe you’ve already seen them in use.

Getting a QR code or tag reader for your phone:

Use your smart phone to visit one of these sites to download a tag scanner onto your phone:

Download the AT&T Code Scanner or download the Microscoft code scanner reader

Marketing with Tags: QR Code Generators

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