Recording and Editing with Audacity for Podcasting

Live blogging tips from Audacity Editing session at Podcast Camp in Columbus Ohio:

Thanks to Daniel Lewis aka @theRamenNoodle and BarelyPodcasting

Red button means record in Audacity. (guess that is obvious!)

Gives you a new audio track everytime you hit the red button. You’ll see a wave line to see ifyou’re picking up the mike.

Get rid of an Um?? Stop the recording. Just Click and drag over top of bad spot recording. click delete. the um is going, gone!

Start the recording. Leave a little dead air. Gives you some editing space.

Zoom H4 comes with an SD card for removing. OOO it’s cool, new one.

Myriver was the first recording things they were using.

RamenNoodle uses USB connections to help minimize the recording noise.

Snowball mike plugs right in. Blu is a sponsor of podcamp and snowball mike is awesome, picks up ambient sound recordings well.

Easier to record in mono. Stereo takes a lot of space. Lean toward mono, unless doing lots of music.

Truncate silence… you can program audacity to truncate the silence you put in while you’re trying to think of the next thing. Depending on your speech paterns, this may be the best thing!

Keep it simple so you’re not spending tons of time in post production. Keep it simple!

Envelope allows you to make it quiet and mix your music. The envelope is the great in the beta version of audacity. Use the beta version because the stable version makes it too quiet in windows.
The default was MME too quiet and the new beta version helps it play back in the right playback sound version.

If you use “levelator” in Audacity, you must export in a wav file only.

Noise removal: lots of time there are background noises you don’t want. Leave silence at beginning to help you remove noise.
Don’t use noise removal as noise will cut out and in, like if you’re in a car or outside etc. It makes your listeners seasick. ?! wow!

itunes: put your show notes in “lyrics” not in “comments!”

Author: Chris Brown

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