Use this Social Media Marketing Mind Map for Planning 2011 Marketing Integration

Several of my clients’ marketing plans designed to build awareness of and lead generation for their products and services. Next year we will be adding some more elements of the Web2.0 and social media components to replace some of the more expensive and less effective programs… (ie Thomas net, Yellow pages.) Developing b2b lead generation is difficult and needs to be done properly. There are various strategies that can be implemented so that strong lead generation can be developed.

Change can be uncomfortable when that’s the way you have “always done it”, even when it’s not working very well anymore.

I’ve been trying to find ways to easily explain the integration of social media into their more traditional marketing campaigns. Sometimes the social media tool is a step in the right direction, but it is can be difficult to easily explain all the social media tools and choices.

While researching, I found this interesting mind map that you can see full size on the CashFlow Copywriting and Marketing blog and thought you may find it useful.

Thanks for the link, Rowan.

Author: Chris Brown

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