What Sound Does Your Brand Make?

Does your brand have a sound that associates it with your brand positioningWe have all heard the sound of Intel.

TED speaker Julian Treasure, chairman of the Sound Agency, makes a strong case for using a sound with your brand.

At around the 4 minute mark, he uses some clear examples that can be quite compelling to associate a sound with your brand.

His quick recommendations for using sound with a brand:

  • Make it congruent
  • Make it appropriate
  • Make it valuable
  • Test it and test it again.

Those reading in a feed reader, click here to view the video. Hat tip to the Trendhunter magazine.

Author: Chris Brown

Business owner operating a marketing consulting firm. Online Publisher. Keynote Speaker.

3 thoughts on “What Sound Does Your Brand Make?”

  1. Interesting, Chris. Never thought of sound that way. I usually have the radio on in the office (WKSU–everyone knows I’m a classical music nut), but there are times I turn everything off. And in the spring I need to open the windows and just hear the birds singing.

  2. Hi Donna:
    Do your clients visit your office? Maybe they could hear the classical music playing in the background as you talk to them on a video about your latest trip or your newest upcoming travel plans. Of course, almost all classical music is copywrited so it shouldn’t be the main underlying score of your video!!

  3. Chris you make a good point about copywrites. Short of writing your own music, how do you recommend overcoming this obstacle? Can you provide additional data where music has helped or hurt a brand? Thanks again for an intuitive and overlooked venue.

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